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Custom orthotics provide the feet with relief and support in specific areas and for specific activities or problems, which can lead to improved overall health and comfort. With a doctor’s prescription, OrthoVirginia’s Board Certified Podiatrist can create just the right orthotic with just the right fit for any situation:
Custom orthotics can be used in work boots, dress shoes and flats to provide extra padding for those who stand on their feet all day;

  • Custom orthotics can be used in tennis shoes, running shoes, golf shoes and cleats to enhance athletes’ performance and comfort;
  • Custom orthotics can be used to discreetly provide arch support in fashion and casual shoes of all sizes and widths, making everyday activities more pleasurable;
  • Custom orthotics, which are padded and flexible without being bulky, can be used to protect the most sensitive areas of the mature adult foot.
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