Before your appointment, you’ll check in using the MyChart website. You can check in up to a week before your appointment. 

TIP: We recommend checking in the day before your appointment. 

When it is time for your appointment, you’ll click on a button in MyChart to join the appointment. Zoom will automatically open and connect you to the waiting room for your appointment.

You can join the visit up to 20 minutes in advance. You have a 40 minute grace period to join. If you haven't joined by the end of the grace period, you will need to reschedule.

On the day before your telemedicine appointment

Have your insurance information ready. If you usually have to pay at the doctor’s office, have a credit card ready for your co-pay. You must complete eCheck-in and pay the co-pay to be able to have your telemedicine appointment.

You can complete MyChart eCheck-in up to seven days before your appointment.

MyChart eCheck-In

You will need to follow these steps before every telemedicine appointment.

Step 1

Go to the MyChart website,, and log in to your account. Click the Visits button at the top and then click “ECHECK-IN” for your upcoming telemedicine appointment.

desktop telemedicine instructions step 2

Step 2

Follow the prompts to complete the check-in process. 

Step 3

You must fully complete eCheck-in and pay the copay to be able to join your telemedicine appointment.

desktop telemedicine instructions step 6

Step 4

After you have completed eCheck-In you may close MyChart until it’s almost time for your telemedicine appointment.

Zoom set-up

If you’ve never used Zoom, follow these steps. The steps below will walk you through opening Zoom and joining a practice call so you know your microphone and camera will work. If you’re comfortable using Zoom on your computer, you can skip this section.

The instructions below are for using Zoom like a regular website. They are not for the version of Zoom that you download.

Step 1

Go to and click “Join”.

Join zoom test on desktop

Step 2

A mostly white screen will appear. If you are asked to download Zoom, say no. Click “Join from Your Browser”.

Step 3

Type in your name. Click the checkbox to show that you are not a robot. Click “Join”. The window will change to be the Zoom call.

giving your name to join the Zoom test on desktop

Step 4

Click “Join Audio by Computer”.

allowing computer audio to join Zoom test

Step 5

In the bottom left corner, click “Start Video” to turn the video camera on.

allowing video to join Zoom test

Step 6

If your computer asks if Zoom can use your camera or microphone, allow it.

approving audio and video on browser

Step 7

Now you’ve tested Zoom! Click the red “Leave” button in the bottom right corner to leave the meeting.

ending Zoom test

On the day of your telemedicine appointment

Before joining the call, remove dressings and bandages and sit in a well-lit area.

TIP: If video calls and watching online video works better some places in your home than in others, sit in one of those places.

You can follow these steps up to 20 minutes before and 40 minutes after your scheduled appointment

Step 1

Go to and log in to your account. Click the Visits button at the top. Click “Details” to open your appointment.

Step 2

If you’ve successfully completed eCheck-in and it is near the time of your appointment, you will see a “Begin Video Visit” button. Click on this button.

screenshot of starting video visit desktop

Step 3

A new tab will open. It will launch a pop-up for Zoom. If you do not get a pop-up when you click “Begin Video Visit”, please check your web browser’s pop-up settings and allow Zoom for pop-ups. (Instructions for allowing pop-ups: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox)

screenshot of Zoom opening desktop

Step 4

Once connected you will be placed in our virtual waiting room. Your provider will be with you soon.

screenshot waiting for provider to join

Step 5

When your provider joins, you will see a video preview screen and be prompted to connect audio. Select “Join with Computer Audio”. If asked, allow the computer to join with video.

screenshot joining Zoom call desktop

Step 6

Check that your microphone is unmuted and video has started. The video camera and audio microphone should not have red lines through them.

screenshot Zoom call desktop

Step 7

Your provider will end the meeting when the appointment is over.