Please complete the set-up of your MyChart and Zoom apps and steps 1-8 the day before your scheduled appointment. Please complete steps 9-17 on the day of your appointment with plenty of time before your appointment is scheduled to start. Following these steps will ensure you are able to start your scheduled appointment on time.

You may connect up to 20 minutes before to your appointment time. If you have not yet connected, you will be unable to connect 40 minutes after your scheduled time and your appointment will be canceled.


On the day before your video visit

Have your insurance information ready and a credit card ready if you have a co-pay. You may do these steps up to 7 days before your video visit.

Step 1

Download the Zoom application from the Google Play store by going to the Google Play store and searching for Zoom or by clicking here from your phone. You will not need to set up a Zoom account.

screenshot Android download Zoom

Step 2

Download the MyChart Mobile application from the Google Play store by going to the Google Play store and searching for MyChart or by clicking here from your phone.

screenshot Android download MyChart

Step 3

Before your visit you will need to configure your Zoom app settings to allow access to the camera and microphone on your Android.
In Chrome, go to and click Join Meeting.

screenshot Android Zoom test

Step 4

Select “Zoom” to open Zoom meeting links with Zoom. Select “Set to always open”.

screenshot Android Zoom test

Step 5

Select “Open supported links”. Select “Open in this app”. Select “Open supported links”.  

screenshots Android Zoom setup

Step 6

Enter your name and then select “OK”.

screenshot Android Zoom test

Step 7

Select “Got it” to give Zoom permission to use the microphone and camera.  

screenshot Android Zoom setup

Step 8

Select “Allow” to enable audio.

screenshot Android Zoom setup

Step 9

Select “Join Audio” and select “Call via Device Audio”. Select “Start Video”. Click the speaker icon in the top left of the screen to turn on the phone speaker.

screenshot Android Zoom setup

On the day of your video visit

You may connect up to 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Connecting more than 40 minutes past the scheduled time will result in a canceled appointment that you will need to reschedule.

Before joining the call, remove dressings and bandages, sit in a well-lit area, and make sure you have a strong WiFi or cellular data signal.

Step 10

Open the MyChart app on your smartphone and click on the visits tile.

screenshot Android MyChart

Step 11

Then select “eCheck-In” for your upcoming telemedicine visit.

screenshot Android echeck-in

Step 12

Once you have completed eCheck-in and are no more than 20 minutes before your appointment time or 40 minutes after your appointment time, you can select “Begin Visit”.

screenshot Android begin visit

Step 13

The visit will open in Zoom.  Enter your name and select “OK”.

screenshot Android start Zoom

Step 14

Once connected you will be placed in our virtual waiting room. Your provider will be with you soon.

screenshot Android wait for provider

Step 15

When your provider connects you will be taken to a preview screen where you can connect audio and video. 
Select “Join Audio”.
Select “Call via Device Audio”.

screenshot Android Zoom preview

Step 16

Once connected to audio, select “Start Video”.
Select “Allow” so Zoom can take pictures and record video.

screenshot Android start Zoom call

Step 17

Make sure to enable your device speaker so you can hear your provider during the visit.

screenshot Android enable speaker

Step 18

Your provider will end the meeting when the visit is over.

screenshot Android ending meeting