OrthoVirginia is proud to support organizations and events in our community through monetary and in-kind contributions. OrthoVirginia prioritizes events and programs that align with our mission, vision and values.

In order to be eligible to receive a monetary sponsorship or an in-kind contribution from OrthoVirginia, an organization must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Align with mission, vision, and values of OrthoVirginia;
  • Supports or aligns with clinical service offerings;
  • Supports or aligns with OrthoVirginia growth priorities and provides us with visibility in key markets;
  • Organization or event reaches healthcare consumers we serve or would like to serve;
  • There is a measurable return on the investment, either financial or as measured against other priorities using data provided by organization;
  • Serve communities that are also served by OrthoVirginia;
  • Serve communities without discrimination against any individual on the basis of race, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation or national origin.

Applications meeting the eligibility criteria will be considered for funding but there is no guarantee of funding until approved.

Support will NOT be extended to:

  • Individuals, including those seeking scholarship or fellowship assistance
  • Religious or evangelical organizations, programs, or projects
  • Organizations with a substantial purpose of influencing any political, legislative or regulatory cause
  • Fraternal, veteran or labor membership organization serving only the members of that organization
  • Capital campaigns or campaigns seeking funding for construction of facilities or land acquisition.

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