Phone scams

Scammers have been calling people pretending to be from OrthoVirginia and asking for personal information. They may be using numbers that show up in your caller ID looking like real OrthoVirginia numbers, called spoofing. If you receive a call from a scammer that looks like it is from OrthoVirginia, it does not mean our systems have been hacked.

Your health and privacy are very important to us. When we call, we will always identify ourselves as OrthoVirginia and say our name.

If you receive a call that seems suspicious, please hang up.

Report a suspicious call to the FCC

FCC tips to avoid spoofing 

How spoofs work

Scammers will use technology to make their phone numbers look like phone numbers from organizations like OrthoVirginia, government agencies, or innocent people. When the scammers call, they are trying to get personal information from you such as your bank account number or mother’s maiden name. If you’re not expecting a call or the call seems unusual, please hang up and call us back directly. You can reach us using the numbers on our website.