Revision knee surgery

Revision knee surgery is knee surgery that comes after an earlier knee surgery, often to fix something that didn't heal correctly after the first surgery or to fix something that has broken since the first surgery. Two common types of revision knee surgery are for ACL tears and knee replacements.

Revision ACL reconstruction

Revision ACL reconstruction is a second surgery to repair a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in the knee. Although primary ACL reconstruction has a high success rate, some patients are left with unsatisfactory results or they re-injure the ligament. Typical symptoms include recurrent knee instability, pain and inability to return to desired activities.

Revision total knee replacement

A revision total knee replacement is a second surgery to remove and replace some or all of the parts of a knee replacement implant after the replacement fails. The surgery is more difficult and may take longer than the original replacement.

What is the recovery time?

In general, rehabilitation following revision surgery is similar to therapy after the first surgery. Sometimes this process takes a bit longer. Return to daily and sports activities varies depending on the type of surgery and your surgeon. You will need to do physical therapy after your surgery.

Revision knee surgery Physicians

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