Notice of Privacy Practices


Our Pledge to You

OrthoVirginia, Inc. (OV) is dedicated to protecting your health information. We are legally required to do the following:

  • Maintain the privacy and security of your protected health information.
  • Follow the duties and privacy practices described in this Notice and give you a copy of it upon request.
  • Not use or share your health information other than as described here unless you tell us we can in writing. If you grant us permission, you may change your mind at any time. You must let us know in writing if you change your mind.
  • Let you know promptly if a breach occurs that may have compromised the privacy or security of your information.

We will abide by the terms of this Notice currently in effect at the time of the disclosure. If you have any questions, please contact our HIPAA Privacy Officer at or 1-888-822-1877.

How We May Use and Disclose Health Information about You

The following categories describe the ways OV may use or disclose your personal health information.

How we typically use and disclose your information:

Treatment.  We may use your health information for your care or treatment or to refer you to another provider.  Treatment examples include, but are not limited to: school or sports physicals, referral to a nursing home, home health agencies and/or referrals to other providers for treatment.

Payment.  We may use your information to seek payment for our services from you or your insurer.  Payment examples include but are not limited to: billing insurance companies for claims or coordinating benefits with other insurers and collection agencies.

Healthcare Operations. We may use and share your health information to run our practice, improve your care, and contact you when necessary.  Healthcare operations include but are not limited to: internal quality control, including auditing of records, business planning or seeking accounting and legal services, or having medical residents, medical students, or other students observe or participate in your treatment as a part of their training.

Health Information Exchange.  We currently participate in health information exchanges (HIE’s), which ultimately help enhance the quality of your care. The goal of the HIEs is to help participating providers give better, more efficient care to their patients by the sharing of health information across secure systems. This means that wherever a patient goes, the patient’s health information may be available to all doctors who use the HIEs, which helps to provide safer, more coordinated patient care.

We currently utilize CareEverywhere, eHealth Exchange and Carequality to access and share your health information with other participants of these HIE’s for treatment and payment purposes. These HIE’s allow any health care organization that participates in the HIE’s to have secure electronic access to patients’ records.

You may opt out of the Health Information Exchange by doing the following:

  • Send your request via:
    • Call my MyChart support phone number at 877-701-6088; OR
    • Submit your request directly through MyChart; OR
    • Mail your written request to the HIPAA Privacy Officer at the address at the end of this Notice.
  • Include the following information with your request so we can be sure to restrict your information from the Health Information Exchange:
    • First and last name (and middle name, if applicable)
    • OrthoVirginia medical record number, if known
    • Date of birth
    • Address

Business Associates.  We may share your information with our contractors and vendors who need patient information to work on our behalf.  Examples include scribes, requests for information, and legal services.  Business associates sign contracts with us that require them to protect our patients’ information.

We are allowed or required to share your information in other ways – usually in ways that contribute to the public good, such as public health and research – as long as we meet the conditions in the law first.

If Required by Law.  We will share information about you if state or federal law requires it, including with the Department of Health and Human Services if it wants to see that we’re complying with federal privacy law.  

Public Health and Health Oversight.  We can share your information for public health purposes like disease reporting, public health investigations, or reporting quality, safety, or effectiveness data to the Food and Drug Administration. OV will also provide information to a federal or state agency that oversees the health care system or government benefit programs for audits, investigations, inspections, proceedings or disciplinary actions.

Child and Adult Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation.  We may submit your information to the appropriate authorities if our staff or providers suspect child or adult abuse, neglect, or exploitation, or other domestic violence.

Legal Proceedings and Law Enforcement/Government Purposes.  We may provide information in response to a court order, subpoena, discovery request, or other legal requests. We may also disclose your information for certain law enforcement purposes, including for locating or identifying missing persons or suspects, for crime victims, for decedents, if there is a crime on OV property, or for a medical emergency. Certain government purposes may also allow us to release your information, including military/veterans administration, national security, Presidential protective services, or National Criminal Background Check purposes.  If you are an inmate, we may release information to the facility or person that has custody of you for certain purposes.

Coroners; Funeral Directors; Organ Donation.  Coroners, medical examiners, or funeral directors may request, and we may provide, information about you for the performance of their duties. We may also share information about you with organ or tissue procurement organizations.

Research.  We may disclose your information for clinical research purposes. For example, if the research has been specifically approved by an institutional review board or a privacy board that has reviewed the research proposal and has set up protocols to ensure the privacy of your identifiable health information.  We may also permit researchers to look at your information to help them prepare for research, for example to allow them to identify patients who may be included in their research project, as long as they do not remove, or take a copy of, any of your personal health information.  We may use and disclose a limited data set that does not contain specific readily identifiable information about you for research as long as the recipient agrees to a data use agreement applying certain protections to your information.

Fundraising.  We may contact you to raise funds for OrthoVirginia; however, you have the right to elect not to receive such communications.  The communications will tell you how to opt out.  If you opt out, we will not send you any more fundraising communications.

To Avert a Serious Threat to Health or Safety.  We may disclose information to prevent or lessen a serious threat to the health or safety of a person or the public if in line with ethical standards. 

Workers’ Compensation.  We can use or share your information for workers’ compensation purposes as allowed by Virginia law.

You can tell us whether or not you want to allow the following disclosures.  If you are not able to tell us your preference, like if you are unconscious, we may share your information if we believe it is in your best interest: 

Family, Friends, and Others. We are permitted or required to use or disclose PHI without your consent or authorization in certain circumstances. Three examples are public health requirements (community health surveillance or investigation) court orders, or subpoenas.

You can give us the names and contact information of any family members, friends, or others involved in your care you want to have access to your personal health information, billing and/or appointment record. We will ask you for the name of the person(s) you wish to have access to your information during registration. We keep their name(s) on file on your HIPAA Disclosure Permissions List. To obtain information by telephone, the person calling the practice must share at least two of your personal identifiers with the staff. We will verify that the party contacting the office is named on your HIPAA Disclosure Permissions List. You have the right to update your list of persons with access to your health information by signing a new HIPAA Disclosure Permissions List.

We may release your information to disaster relief organizations to facilitate communications with your family, friends, and others involved in your care.  We will seek your approval before doing so unless it interferes with the emergency response.

Certain uses or disclosures always require your written authorization:

Marketing: “Marketing” means a communication that encourages you to use a service or buy a product, including those where we receive payment from a third party for making the communication. Generally, as long as we do not receive payment, it is not marketing to send you (1) refill reminders and other communications about prescribed drugs; (2) communications related to your treatment, care coordination/case management, or recommending alternative treatment, providers, or care settings; and (3) descriptions of a health-related product or service offered by OV.  We are permitted by the regulations to receive payment to cover the costs of sending refill reminders.

Before we could send you a marketing communication, we would have to obtain your authorization unless the communication is face-to-face, or it involves a promotional gift of nominal value, like a pen or key chain. We do not engage in the type of marketing that requires your authorization, but if we did, we would get your authorization first and let you know if we receive payment for making the communication. We will not sell your information for marketing by others.

We will send you notifications of new physicians, new services, and other happenings at OV. Should you wish to opt out, you must contact the HIPAA Privacy Officer at the contact information below.

Others Requiring Authorization:  We will not sell your identifiable health information.  We also do not typically have psychotherapy notes, which are only able to be released with your authorization.  If OV becomes a “lawful holder” of substance use disorder treatment records sent by a program under 42 C.F.R. Part 2, we will only use and disclose those records as permitted or required by the regulations.

Any other use or disclosure not otherwise allowed under HIPAA, state law, and this Notice requires an authorization.  You are able to revoke any authorization you sign at any time in writing.  If you revoke your authorization, we will not use or disclose information for the purposes covered by the authorization; however, we cannot take back any disclosures we have already made while the authorization was in effect.

Your Rights Regarding Health Information About You

You have the following rights with respect to information about you maintained by OV:

  • The right to choose someone to act for you.  If someone is your legal guardian or you have given someone medical power of attorney, that person can exercise your rights and make choices about your health information.  We will make sure the person has this authority and can act for you before we take any action, including by requesting copies of the applicable paperwork.
  • The right to access and get a copy of your health information.  Although your medical record is the property of OrthoVirginia, you are entitled to receive a copy of your medical record at any time. Under HIPAA and Virginia law (Va. Code 32.1-127.1:03), we are allowed to charge a fee for your record. You must sign our written request form in order for us to release your record to you or a party that you designate. We have 30 days to provide records once you have submitted the necessary written request.

    Requests for completion of medical-related forms, such as Disability or Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) forms, require information from the patient’s visit but may also require the physician to address specific questions directly. There is a fee for any form that is requested to be completed by the practice. Once the fee and signed Authorization for Release of Medical Records form (available from the front desk staff, or on our website) have been received, the form(s) will be processed. Payment for forms is required in advance.
  • The right to request changes to your medical record.  You can ask us to correct health information about you that you think is incorrect or incomplete.  You can contact us to find out how.  We may not agree to your request, but we will tell you why within 60 days of receiving your request. 
  • The right to confidential communications.  You can ask us to send confidential communications by alternative means or to alternative locations. Such request must be in writing and we must accommodate reasonable requests.
  • The right to request limitations on how information is shared. You can request reasonable restrictions as to how your health information may be used or disclosed to carry out treatment, payment, or healthcare operations.  Individuals who pay for their services out of pocket, in full, have the right to restrict disclosure of PHI to their insurance plan if they wish. All requests must be in writing.
  • The right to receive a list of those with whom OV has shared information.  You may request a list of those with whom we have shared your information for six years prior to the date you ask, who we shared it with, and why. We will include all the disclosures except for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations, and certain other disclosures (like those you have asked us to make).  We will provide one accounting a year for free but will charge a reasonable, cost-based fee if you ask for another list within 12 months.
  • The right to receive copy of this Notice.  OV will provide you with a paper copy of the effective Notice at any time upon request, even if you have agreed to receive a copy electronically.


If you are concerned that your privacy rights have been violated, or you disagree with a decision we made about access to your records, you may contact our HIPAA Privacy Officer at or 1-888-822-1877.

You can file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights by sending a letter to 200 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, D.C. 20201, calling 1- 877-696-6775, or visiting

All complaints will be addressed by the HIPAA Privacy Officer and/or Chief Compliance Officer. It is the policy of OV that no retaliatory action will be made against any individual who submits or conveys a complaint of suspected or actual non-compliance with standards.


If you have question about our privacy practices, please contact us:

OrthoVirginia HIPAA Privacy Officer
7858 Shrader Road
Richmond, VA 23294
Phone: 888-822-1877 

Changes to This Notice

We reserve the right to change the terms of this Notice and to make new notice provisions effective for all protected health information that we maintain. You may ask for an updated copy at any time at our office or on our website.  The Notice of Privacy Practices was last updated and effective as of March 27, 2020.

Statement of Practice Policies

General Consent to Treat

You consent to reasonable and necessary medical examinations, testing, and treatment by OV and its physicians and other providers. You understand that providers involved in or observing your care or treatment may include resident physicians and students or other trainees.  You are aware that the practice of medicine (including surgery) is not an exact science, and no one has made any guarantees about the results of your treatments, examinations, or procedures.  You may be asked to sign other informed consent forms for specific surgeries or procedures.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At OV, we are committed to optimizing your experience as our patient.  We have established the following rights and responsibilities to outline the collaborative effort between patient and physician in a mutually respective relationship.

Patient Rights.  As an OV patient, you have the right to:

  • To courtesy, respect, dignity, and timely, responsive attention to your needs.
  • To receive information from your providers necessary for informed consent, including the specific procedure/treatment, significant medical risks, and probable duration of incapacitation.
  • To have the opportunity to discuss the benefits, risks, and costs of appropriate treatment alternatives, including the risks, benefits and costs of forgoing or not complying with treatment or therapy.
  • To be provided, to the degree known, with complete information concerning diagnosis, treatment and prognosis and to have the appropriate assessment and management of pain.
  • To ask questions about your health status or recommended treatment when you do not fully understand what has been described and to have your questions answered.
  • To make decisions about the care the physician recommends and to have those decisions respected, except when medically contraindicated. A patient who has decision-making capacity may accept or refuse any recommended medical intervention.
  • To continuity of care, including that your physician will cooperate in coordinating medically indicated care with other health care professionals, and that the physician will not discontinue treating you when further treatment is medically indicated except as permitted under Virginia law.
  • To know the names and professional status of individuals providing service to you and to know the physician primarily responsible for your care.
  • To have the physician and other staff respect your privacy and confidentiality and to expect that all disclosures, communications, and records are treated confidentially in accordance with applicable law.
  • To obtain copies or summaries of your medical records and to have the information explained or interpreted as necessary, except when restricted by law.
  • To obtain a second opinion and to be informed of your right to change providers, either primary care or specialty, if other physicians are available to meet your needs.
  • To be advised of any conflicts of interest your physician may have in respect to your care.
  • To be provided with methods of effective communication.
  • To receive services without regard to race, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, handicap, national origin or sponsor.
  • To be provided reasonable physical access to our facilities and to be provided with a safe environment.
  • To receive services in a language you understand and in a culturally-sensitive way.
  • To be informed as to key information and policies, including those addressing treatment for unaccompanied minors, expected conduct and responsibilities of patients, services offered, information on after hours and emergency care, fees for services, payment responsibilities, right to refuse participation in research studies or clinical trials, how to file a complaint or express a grievance without retaliation, and ownership disclosure.

Patient Responsibilities.  As an OV patient, you have the following responsibilities:

  • To demonstrate behavior that shows respect and consideration for other patients, family, visitors, all health care personnel and property of OrthoVirginia facilities.
  • To provide accurate and complete information about your medical conditions, health history, demographics and insurance information and to provide updates when this information changes.
  • To ask questions and seek clarification until you fully understand.
  • To accept the consequences of your actions if you should refuse a treatment or procedure, or if you do not follow the plan of care given to you by the physician or other health care providers.
  • To keep appointments, cancel appointments, and notify OrthoVirginia of these changes.
  • To assure that the financial obligations for health care rendered are paid.
  • To be responsible for your valuables that you bring to OrthoVirginia facilities.
  • To provide positive and negative feedback in a constructive and appropriate manner about the care you have received at OrthoVirginia.
  • To follow the policies, rules, regulations and procedures of OV.

If you fail to follow medical instructions, display disruptive behavior or have others accompanying you who display disruptive behavior, cancel or do not show for 3 or more appointments, or fail to remain current on your payments, we may terminate the patient/provider relationship.

Your Insurance and Co-Payment

A co-payment (co-pay) is a fixed amount you pay for a health care service, usually when you receive the service. The amount can vary by the type of service. If you have insurance coverage, it is your responsibility to contact the carrier to understand your benefits relative to the participation status of the provider you wish to see.

Some things you should know:

  • If your insurance requires a co-pay, it is the policy at OV to collect it at the time of service;
  • If you do not pay your co-pay, you are violating your insurance contract;
  • OV reserves the right to reschedule your appointment if your co-pay is not paid at the time you check-in; and
  • If OV does not participate with your insurance company, you are likely out-of-network and your financial obligation will be more.

Your co-pay was designed by your insurance company to assist in covering the cost of medical services received. Please inquire with your employer or insurance plan if you need additional information relative to your coverage.

Personal Injury/Accidents

If you have sustained an injury or have been involved in an accident and you have medical coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, and/or Tricare, you understand OV WILL NOT file claims on your behalf. Instead, OV will provide an itemized statement to you so that you may file directly to the third-party liability insurance carrier that may be covering the accident (automobile insurance, homeowners, accident insurance, etc.) (“Liability Carrier”).

You understand that OV will not hold your account open during any period of litigation or negotiation you may have with a Liability Carrier. Likewise, you understand OV has the right to pursue collection action against you during that period for outstanding financial balances.

You agree to assign the proceeds of your personal injury claim to OV in an amount equal to the total of all sums due and you acknowledge the balance due may include additional fees relative to interest accrued, collection agency costs, and/or attorney fees (equal to 1/3 of the principal balance) if applicable.

In the event you would like OV to file with your health insurance company, you understand OV will require a letter from the Liability Carrier stating no claim for payment has been made and that no future claim for the injury/accident will be made. Upon receipt and confirmation of this letter, OV will file to your health insurance company.

Patient Financial Agreement

You consent to OV billing your insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or any other third-party payer (each a “Payer” and together, “Payers”), as applicable, directly for services rendered by OV and its providers, and you further consent to the payment of medical benefits by your Payer to OV and associated medical providers. You understand that it is your responsibility to secure all necessary prior approvals, authorizations and referrals as required by your Payer(s).

You agree it is your responsibility to provide OrthoVirginia with the correct billing information.  You hereby authorize OV to release any health information to any and all applicable Payers and appropriate third parties as determined by OV for eligibility and payment purposes. This release will be considered valid until revoked by you in writing. You authorize any holder of medical or other information about you to release to Medicare and its agents any information needed to determine available insurance benefits.

If you have any financial responsibility, OV may require a deposit prior to service. Otherwise, OV expects payment within thirty (30) days of your receipt of OV’s billing statement.

You agree you are financially responsible for all charges made to your account whether or not a Payer or attorney is involved with payment. You are responsible for all co-payment and co-insurance amounts, non-covered supplies and services, and annual deductibles. OV will file claims with your insurance company as a courtesy.

If you have an outstanding balance due, you agree to a prompt payment in full. If you are unable to make payment in full, you can contact OV’s billing call center at 866-706-7846 for possible payment arrangements. In the event your account is turned over to a third-party collection vendor, you grant authorization for information to be released regarding your employment status to OV or to the collection agency and/or collection attorney.

If your account, or that of the individual you are guaranteeing, should be placed with a collection agency and/or collection attorney for collection, you agree to pay, in addition to all other amounts you owe, any and all costs of collection including, without limitation, an attorney fee equal to one-third (1/3) of your outstanding balance and other costs associated with collection. If any indebtedness is not paid in full within 60 days from the date of service, you agree to pay interest at a rate of 1.5% per month [18% per annum]. All returned checks will incur a returned check fee of $50.00.

We reserve the right to charge a fee for a cancellation of less than 24-hour notice or failure to keep an appointment.

Notice of Financial Interest

OrthoVirginia, Inc. offers services and products to patients which provide an appropriate continuum of care for treating musculoskeletal issues. OrthoVirginia and its individual providers have a financial interest in these services and provide them for your convenience and under OrthoVirginia ownership and supervision. These services include the following:

  • The Boulders Ambulatory Surgery Center, the Bremo Road, Shrader Road and Herndon Operatories, and the Surgery Center of Lynchburg. Several Northern Virginia surgeons have an ownership interest in centers in suburban Maryland.
  • Physical and occupational therapy services in multiple locations.
  • MRI imaging centers at the Johnston Willis, Henrico Parham, Lynchburg and Tysons Corner locations.
  • Ideal Protein weight loss services in Lynchburg and Northern Virginia.
  • Bracing services within OrthoVirginia offices.

OrthoVirginia feels these services offer quality and value, but all patients have the right to choose where they will receive these services. If you prefer to choose another option, let our staff know and OrthoVirginia will work with you in providing alternate and appropriate solutions.

Medication Prescription Policy

  1. Each prescription will be for a fixed amount of medication (a limited supply will be issued for a short duration). You should take the medication exactly as prescribed. Medication will not be increased or renewed early unless the provider feels it is appropriate to do so.
  2. Telephone calls for prescription refills will only be renewed by the treating provider during business hours. The on-call physician after hours will only entertain telephone calls regarding adverse reactions to your medications. Please note medication refill requests may take 48 business hours to complete.
  3. We participate with, and may review, the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Professions (DHP) Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). If there is evidence of prescription pain medicines being obtained or requested from another provider, you will not be able to request or obtain those prescriptions from our providers.
  4. In following with the Board of Medicine’s new requirements (18 VAC 85-21-10 et seq.) for treating chronic pain (pain lasting longer than 3 months) all physicians will be required by state law to obtain urine drug screens or serum medication levels at the initiation of chronic pain management and randomly thereafter at the discretion of the practitioner but at least once a year.
  5. Appointments must be kept or cancelled 24-hours prior to the scheduled time, for medications to be extended. Medications may be discontinued due to repeated cancellations or failing to show for appointments.
  6. It is your responsibility to prevent loss of prescriptions or medications. Do not expect lost or stolen prescriptions or medications to be replaced, regardless of the situation. A police report is required for all claims of theft.
  7. In the interest of your physical well-being, it is strongly recommended that you be under the care of a primary care physician. OrthoVirginia providers may prescribe medications while you are actively undergoing treatment. Our providers do not provide long-term medication management. Your primary care physician will be responsible for the medical management of your pain on a long-term basis, provided he or she is in agreement with the long-term usage of pain medications.
  8. You will be asked to actively participate in other recommended treatments such as physical therapy, home exercise program, procedures, testing, and/or other medications. If you are unable to participate you will need to make your provider aware of any reasons that prohibit participation. You must keep us informed of any changes in your condition such as pregnancy, change in provider, change of pharmacy, and Emergency Room visits.

There are limitations and side effects of pain medications including but not limited to sedation, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, physical dependence, tolerance, respiratory depression, overdose, and even death.

Any deviation from this policy is at the sole discretion of the prescriber and does not guarantee future deviations. Violation of any of the above can result in discontinuation of medication prescriptions and possible discharge from OrthoVirginia.

Deemed Consent for Blood Sample Withdrawal and Testing

Under Code of Virginia § 32.1-45.1, you consent to the withdrawal of a blood sample from yourself, your child, or an individual over whom you have guardianships’ body, in the event that an OV employee or physician sustains an exposure to the aforementioned’ s blood or body fluid. In OrthoVirginia’s Richmond, Northern Virginia, and Virginia Beach regions, you agree to go immediately to the nearest Patient First for the collection of a blood sample. In Lynchburg, you agree to go immediately to the OrthoVirginia in-house lab to have a blood sample collected.  If the exposure occurs in an OrthoVirginia Operatory or Pain Management, you agree to the immediate collection of a blood sample by the Operatory staff. You agree to the testing of the blood sample for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, at no cost to you, and to the release of the test results to the exposed employee and provider(s) treating them.

Electronic Health Record and Patient Portal Acknowledgement

Epic is OV’s electronic health record.  We use Epic to create an electronic chart with your health information, including but not limited to your office notes, x-ray images, and a record of your encounters.  You authorize OrthoVirginia to use the Epic electronic health record to electronically send and receive PHI pertinent to your care. This includes texts, images and x-ray files.

OV offers a patient portal to its patients, where they can access certain health information about themselves, request appointments, and send communications to OV staff and providers.  If you choose to enroll in the patient portal (MyChart), you give OV permission to send your health information through MyChart for your personal access and use, including messaging, images, and x-ray files. Please review the MyChart Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the MyChart website. Uses and disclosures of information in MyChart by OV are governed by this Notice and federal and state privacy laws.  If you wish to terminate access to MyChart, you can contact OV by sending a message via MyChart, or you can call our MyChart Patient Support Line at 1-877-701-6088.

Email Address

OV collects e-mail addresses from our patients if they choose to provide them to us.  We use e-mail to send appointment reminders, surveys, and notifications to you about our practice. If you subscribe to MyChart, MyChart will send you notification emails for activation, appointment reminders, and payment purposes.  We consider your e-mail address to be a part of your protected health information. You are not required to provide us with your e-mail address; however, it will limit our ability to communicate with you. If you provide us with your email and later decide you would like to unsubscribe, you may let us know by sending a message via MyChart or calling our MyChart Patient Support Line at 1-877-701-6088, and we will remove your email address from our electronic health record.

Our policies require us to email health information to you encrypted or via MyChart.  If you tell us you want to receive unencrypted email, that email will not be secure. Unsecure emails may be viewable by others.  You must provide us with a statement in writing (e.g., letter, email, MyChart message) that you do not want email with your health information to be encrypted.  You understand that if you ask us to send an unsecured email, you are assuming this risk. 

Telephone Calls and Text Messages

OV collects residential and cellular telephone numbers provided to us and may use these numbers to communicate with you about your treatment, your appointments or procedures, to service your account or to collect any amounts you may owe.  If we contact you by cell phone number, this could result in charges to you. We may also leave a message on voice mail in reference to any items that assist the practice in carrying out treatment, payment or our internal operations, such as appointment reminders, insurance items, and any call pertaining to your clinical care, including laboratory results.

We do not generally text patients their personal health information for security reasons. Certain text messages contain minimal information and may be sent using pre-recorded/artificial text messages and/or use of any automatic dialing device.  For example, we may text you automated appointment reminders, prompts to sign up for MyChart, the availability of test results or a billing statement in MyChart, or requests to provide feedback about our services. You agree that OV or its vendors may contact you as described above.  If you decide you would like to unsubscribe from any automated phone/text messaging, you may let us know by sending a message via MyChart or calling our MyChart Patient Support Line at 1-877-701-6088, and we will remove you from those features.

Patient Satisfaction and Outcome Surveys

You agree to receive a patient satisfaction survey after a visit to our office. We encourage you to complete it as we use this feedback to educate our team on how we are doing. You are important to our practice and your feedback will help ensure we continue recognizing areas of opportunity that will improve your overall patient experience with us! You also agree to receive a series of outcomes surveys just before and after common orthopedic surgical procedures. You may receive the survey by mail, email or by text message, as described above. Outcomes data is the cornerstone of assuring that our patients receive quality care, so please complete these surveys. OrthoVirginia compares your responses anonymously to national databases to benchmark the quality of care we provide. Thank you in advance for taking time to complete the surveys.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Policies and Procedures

I acknowledge that I will be asked to agree to the above stated policies and practices of OrthoVirginia, Inc. during registration.


If you have any questions about the Statement of Practice Policies, you may contact the Office Manager at your local OV office.

Changes to this Statement

OV reserves the right to update the practice policies contained in this Statement of Practice Policies at any time.  OV will make any revised Statement available on its website and in each office location on or after the effective date of the changes. The updated date below may not be earlier than the date the revised Statement is printed or published.

Updated March 27, 2020