Introduction to PatientIQ

PatientIQ is a platform to help us work with patients and researchers to improve patient care.

Why does OrthoVirginia partner with PatientIQ?

PatientIQ helps OrthoVirginia better monitor your healing and recovery, send you timely information related to your treatment plans, and gain insights into how to best treat our patients over time. We are committed to continuously improving, and that starts first with measuring our performance today.

What are the benefits?

PatientIQ pathways allow our healthcare providers and care teams to track your status and compare your progress versus other patients with a similar diagnosis and/or undergoing a similar treatment. By looking at patients’ reports of how they are doing, providers can understand their patients’ health over time individually and as a group. With analytics from PatientIQ, providers can make decisions that lead to better recovery for patients.

How does it work?

After your appointment, your care team may enroll you in a pathway within PatientIQ. You will then be contacted via email or text to complete tasks from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer) that will aid you through your care journey, from preop to post-op, and throughout your recovery. The metrics are collected and analyzed to assist providers in decision-making.

If you have issues with your tasks, please contact [email protected].