Osteoporosis care

Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones are weak and are more likely to break. It is a condition that mostly affects older people, and affects more women than men.

Osteoporosis causes 2 million broken bones each year. Any bone in your body can break, but broken hips are the most serious type of fracture caused by osteoporosis.

Most people who have osteoporosis don’t know that they have it. Some of the risk factors are age, a family history, poor nutrition, and certain medications.

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A DEXA scan screening can tell how much bone you’ve lost and to help figure out your treatment plan. Your OrthoVirginia physician can order the DEXA scan if it is right for you.

Osteoporosis Treatment

There’s no way right now to get back bone that you’ve lost, but there are ways to treat bones broken and pain caused by osteoporosis. Make an appointment now with one of our doctors to start getting care.

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