Non-operative muscle strain treatment

A muscle strain might be just your muscle being stretched a little too far, or the muscle might be torn. Muscle strains often occur on the hamstring.

For most muscle strains, the familiar RICE treatment is common.

Rest from the activity you were doing that caused the strain, and any similar activities.

Apply ice (wrapped in a towel) to the affected area to reduce swelling.

Compress the area with an elastic bandage, being careful not to cut off circulation.

Elevate the injured area so it is above your heart. For example, if your thigh is strained, you can lie down and put your leg on a pillow.

Your doctor can make sure that you only have a strain and not a more serious injury, and can help you if you need crutches, braces, or the best way to use an elastic bandage on your injured body part.

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