Non-operative knee arthritis treatment

Early stages of knee arthritis can be treated without surgery, using medication, injections, and physical therapy.

Knee arthritis is when the cartilage between the bones in the knee wears away and the bones rub against each other.

Exercising can help lubricate the joint, strengthen the muscles around your knee, and make it easier to keep moving. Exercises such as walking, biking, and swimming will be more comfortable than ones where you run and jump. You can talk with a physical therapist to get exercises specific to helping your knee.

Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs can help relieve pain. If they don’t work, your doctor may be able to give you a prescription.

Steroid injections into your knee joint can help with pain temporarily.

If the non-surgical treatments don’t work, you may need surgery such as a partial knee replacement or total knee replacement.

Physicians who provide non-operative knee arthritis treatment

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