Non-operative foot callus/corn treatment

Corns and calluses rough, potentially painful spots on your feet caused by shoes rubbing against your feet. They can usually be fixed without surgery.

Shoes that are too tight, squeezing your feet, or that are too loose, letting your feet slide too much, can both cause corns and calluses. Having properly fitted shoes with enough space for all of your toes is essential in treating corns and calluses.

Your physician may be able to remove some of the corn or callus in the office. You may be able to soak your feet and use a pumice stone to help file your feet smooth.

Non-medicated foam corn pads and some shoe inserts may also help the problem.

If the corn or callus is caused by the way your bones are in your foot, surgery may be needed.

Physicians who provide non-operative foot callus/corn treatment

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