Hip injection

A hip injection helps relieve pain in your hip without surgery.

For some hip pain, an injection can help reduce pain. After your skin is numbed, a medicine is injected into your hip joint to decrease inflammation.

The doctor may use an ultrasound to see where the needle is in your joint, making it an ultrasound-guided injection.

The day of the injection you may resume light activity levels. Ice packs can be applied to your hip for 20 minutes every hour, as needed. You may shower, but do not get in a bath, pool, or hot tub for 48 hours.

After the injection, you may experience an increase in pain for a few days until the medication starts working. If you do, you should rest, ice the area, and take approved medications.

You may begin working out again 48 hours after the hip injection.

Physicians who perform hip injections

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