Foot ulcers and lesions treatment

Foot ulcers and lesions are open wounds on your foot, usually on the sole. They are more common in people with diabetes, and may go deep into your foot. They can become infected easily.

Foot ulcers and lesions are common in people with diabetes and other people with poor circulation in their feet. If nerves in the foot are damaged, someone with a foot ulcer may not know it is there.

If an ulcer is infected, you may be given antibiotics. Your doctor may remove damaged tissue around the ulcer and give you a walking boot or cast to wear to prevent putting pressure on the ulcer. You may need frequent medical appointments to change the bandage on your ulcer and to watch it as it heals.

After your foot ulcer heals, you may need different shoes to help prevent it from returning. Your doctor will talk with you about best practices.

Physicians who treat foot ulcers and lesions

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