Bone infection prevention and treatment

When a broken bone goes through the skin, bacteria can enter the wound and cause an infection. Bacteria can also enter in other ways and cause infections. Antibiotics and possibly surgery are the treatment.

A common way for bacteria to enter bone is when the bone is broken and the ends of the bone stick through the skin. During the surgery to fix the break, antibiotics will be given as soon as possible. The surgeon will clean the wound and remove tissue that might be infected.

Bacteria can also enter through other methods, like when having dental work, and get into a bone that is healing.

Our surgeons follow all protocols for infection control during surgery, and the risk of getting a bone infection during your orthopedic surgery is extremely low.

If there is not an open wound but there is an infection, antibiotics are given. A surgery may be needed to debride the area, or clean out the diseased parts.

Physicians who prevent and treat bone infection

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