This is a worrisome and difficult time for everyone, but at OrthoVirginia we want to continue to make ourselves available to help our community and patients, both established and new. We understand people have problems they have been dealing with for years and there are others with new injuries that want to seek medical attention.

Our offices and Ortho On Call remain open to see urgent and emergent patients for musculoskeletal complaints so that the community does not have to rely on already stressed emergency rooms or urgent care centers. We hope this availability allows patients to get the care they need while decreasing their risk of exposure to COVID-19.

On top of helping minimize our patient’s exposure to the ERs and urgent care centers, we will continue to take multiple steps in our clinics to decrease the chance for exposure. These measures include, but are not limited to, screening all patients, visitors, employees and physicians who enter our buildings; social distancing; increasing our telemedicine (video) appointments; and vigorous cleaning.

We are now offering telemedicine visits for those who do not require imaging (x-rays or MRIs) or procedural intervention (splinting, bracing, casting or injections). If you are unsure about the appropriate visit type for your concern or complaint, we are here to help you in your decision process.

To make an appointment to be seen via telemedicine (video visit) or in-person please call us or use MyChart.