Pay your bill online

Visit OrthoVirginia’s secure patient portal—MyChart—to view, download, and print your past billing statements or pay a bill with your checking account or credit card. 

While you’re logged in, you can also:

  • Send messages to the billing team
  • Make one-time payments
  • Establish payment plans

Pay your bill

Pay a bill on behalf of another patient

Alert: Third-Party Payment Sites

We want to remind you the safest and most secure way to pay your OrthoVirginia bill online is through MyChart. Use the links here to make your payments.

Pay your bill

Pay a bill on behalf of another patient

Please be alert to third-party companies who market online bill payment services but are not OrthoVirginia. These companies will take your payment, charge you a service and ultimately pay OrthoVirginia. Their payment schedule to OrthoVirginia may take 30 to 90 days causing you to inadvertently be identified for collections.

Paperless statements

Are you tired of misplacing statements? Not having time to search among your files and paper? With paperless statements, you know exactly where to find your information, 24/7, and you are able to reduce clutter. Paperless statements are the default statement method. We don’t want you to miss out on these time saving benefits:

  • Your billing information is always protected and secure.
  • Easy to access anytime, anywhere even when you’re away from home.
  • View your statements as soon as they’re available. You don’t have to wait on your mail carrier to deliver.
  • Receive email and text alerts when your paperless statements are ready.
  • Find recent transactions easier than flipping through pages of statements.
  • Paperless statements are eco-friendly.

Read frequently asked questions about paperless statements

Get MyChart support

If you need additional help with accessing your account online, please email patient support at or call 877-701-6088.

Learn more about OrthoVirginia's patient portal

Pay your bill by phone

Call 866-706-7846anytimeto check your balance and make a one-time payment.

Pay your bill by mail

Please include your account number on your check.

Send payments to:

OrthoVirginia Billing Department 
P.O. Box 75831 
Baltimore, MD 21275

Note: Any payment by check returned for insufficient funds will incur a $50 fee.

Questions about your bill?

Call us at 866-706-7846 on Monday–Friday from 8 a.m.–5 p.m. or use MyChart to send us a message about your bill.

Notice of consumer rights (PDF)

Learn about insurance options

Paperless Statements Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you say you converted all patients to paperless statements?

We will send statement details via MyChart and email instead of sending statements in the mail.

My children and/or parents have accounts, but I am responsible for their bills. Will they receive statements, or will the statements come to me?

If you are the guarantor on the account, you will receive the statement. If you are not the guarantor, you will not receive the statement.

Can I look up paperless statements from previous months?

You will be able to see the statement in MyChart for 365 days.

What if I still want paper statements?

If you are currently receiving paperless statements and would like to switch to paper statements, please follow these steps or an OV team member can assist you.