COPN stands for Certificate of Public Need. It is also sometimes referred to as CON, or Certificate of Need. COPN was originally implemented in the 1970s with the intent of controlling costs and increasing access to care. It has failed to do any of this. In fact, the federal government repealed its COPN program in 1987 and numerous states have followed since. Data shows that healthcare costs are 11 percent higher in states with COPN than in states without it. The current program artificially limits health services by blocking competition, limiting choice and inflating the cost of service. As the only provider in a region, a hospital can use this as leverage to raise prices. Reforming COPN will increase competition and result in lower costs for patients.

2018 data shows that the average cost of an MRI or CT scan at a large hospital facility costs four times what it would at smaller provider offices.  If OrthoVirginia had an MRI and/or CT equipment available, patients could conveniently receive imaging services at their doctors office at ¼ of the cost of traditional hospital based imaging services.

COPN  laws prevent private health care providers like OrthoVirginia from competing with larger providers to bring you the same service at a lower cost in a more convenient location.

The Virginia Legislation is currently considering repealing COPN laws and your voice is needed. 

What can YOU do?

Send a message to your Virginia House Delegate NOW! It will only take a moment and you can do it right here.

  1. Find your representatives in the list here.
  2. Write them a message saying what COPN reform would mean to you.

What COPN reform means to you:

  • OrthoVirgina will be able to provide care and more services at a lower cost to the patient.
  • More options for facilities for your healthcare (at any practice!). More options mean competitive pricing and competitive care.

Make your voice heard and contact your representative today.