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Keith W. Lawhorn, MD
By:Keith Lawhorn, MD Austin G Johns CSCS CES HCJust a few years ago, Zack’s shoulder was so unstable it would dislocate anytime he moved his arm a certain way. The 21-year-old worried constantly that it would pop out. Fed up, and unable to
By: Keith W. Lawhorn, MDWhat is the Biceps Muscle Tendon Unit? The biceps muscle tendon unit is anatomically located in the front of the arm. The muscle belly is comprised of two muscle bellies: a long head (LHB) and a short head thus explaining the
Overview:There are generally two common types of meniscal tears seen in clinical practice: Traumatic tears and degenerative tears.Patients with traumatic tears generally give a history of a twisting, pivoting or hyperflexion (knee bending) mechanism