Welcome to OrthoVirginia Telemedicine!

This info center includes all you need to know to prepare for a seamless video visit with your Physician!

Please Note: OrthoVirginia is in the pilot phase of our Telemedicine service, with only a handful of Physicians from each region participating. Please see the complete list of participating Physicians below and if your specialist is not yet listed, then video visits are not offered for their practice at this time, but they will let you know when this option is available.

Northern Virginia

  • George Aguiar, MD
  • Michael S. Antonis, DO
  • Daniel Laino, MD
  • H. Edward Lane, III, MD
  • Keith Lawhorn, MD
  • David W. Romness, MD
  • Frederick Scott, Jr., MD
  • Paul Switaj, MD
  • Cole Taylor, MD
  • Peter Thomas, MD


  • Keith A. Glowacki, MD
  • C. Tate Hepper, MD
  • Glenn J. Kerr, MD
  • Michael Mariscalco, MD
  • Steven G. Reece, MD
  • Harry Shaia, MD
  • J.E.B. Stuart, V, MD
  • Kenneth R. Zaslav, MD


  • John W. Barnard, Jr., MD
  • Brandon Bucker, MD
  • Michael Diminick, MD
  • Omar Elkhamra, MD
  • H.C. Eschenroeder, Jr., MD

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services using live video visits. It allows healthcare providers an additional way to evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans with patients using technology, such as video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit. Telemedicine visits allow the medical provider to interview and complete a limited exam to increase accessible care options for patients and to provide an innovative and convenient way for patients to interact with a physician.

Our goal is to value a patients’ time, increase their accessibility, and create a better continuity of care.

Prior To The Date of Your Video Visit

Getting Started:  there are two important things to note when preparing for your video visit.

You must have a MyChart account to conduct a Telemedicine visit with your physician. If you do not have a MyChart Account, you can create one here: https://mychart.orthovirginia.com/mychart/
OrthoVirginia recommends using mobile devices such as Android and iOS to ensure the best visit experience, although Telemedicine is supported on Window and Mac desktop platforms. If you do not use videoconferencing technology on your desktop platforms regularly, factors such as hardware issues, drivers, security settings and operating system issues may occur.


step 1

Download the MyChart Mobile App

MyChart Mobile
apple store google play
step 2

Download the ZOOM App

Zoom Mobile
apple store google play
step 3 system check

System Check

Once you have completed your MyChart Mobile & Zoom downloads, we recommend that you test the applications on the device you plan to use for your video visit. Although our support staff can help with your personal account info-we cannot help if there is any technical difficulty with your personal equipment. Begin test here: https://www.zoom.us/test

step 4 MyChart Desktop


You may complete the eCheck-In process up to 7 days prior to your visit:

  1. Login to MyChart
  2. Select Appointments tab
  3. Have insurance info ready
  4. Update patient info, if required
  5. Co-pays applicable to your plan are accepted during eCheck-In

On The Day of Your Video Visit

Patients may connect up to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled visit time. Connecting more than 10 minutes past the scheduled time will result in the cancellation of your appointment and you will need to call your provider's office to reschedule.

  1. Login to MyChart
  2. Select Appointments tab
  3. Select Begin Your Video Visit: (select this button if eCheck-In is completed)
  4. The ZOOM app will automatically open
  5. Your Physician will be with you shortly


Q. What if I am having trouble creating a new account in MyChart?

A. OrthoVirginia offers MyChart Support at 877-701-6088

Q. What is Telemedicine?

A. Telemedicine is the practice of using video conference and telecommunications technology such as your smartphone or tablet for a follow up visit with your doctor.

Q. How does it work?

A. Your Telemedicine follow up appointment is scheduled through your MyChart account. See above for a complete list of what you will need, prior to the date and time of your appointment.

Q. What will I need for this visit?

A. To ensure that you connect with your Physician you will need the following:

  • Smartphone, tablet or a desktop that is used for teleconferencing.
  • Active MyChart account.
  • MyChart, MyChart Mobile & Zoom applications.
  • eCheck-In: have insurance information ready.
  • On day of appointment, make sure your device is fully charged; you can login to your visit up to 10 minutes prior to start time.

Q. What is the cost of a telemedicine appointment?

A. Telemedicine visits cost the same as office visits and are a convenient alternative for some patients. Co-pays specific to your plan are accepted during the eCheck-In process.

Q. Are prescriptions provided during a telemedicine appointment?

A. Narcotics will not be prescribed at Telemedicine visits.

Q. What if I am late to the appointment?

A. If patients connect more than 10 minutes late to their Telemedicine visit, their appointment is cancelled.

Q. Can my teenager have a video visit?

A. Patients under the age of 18 must have an adult present during their Telemedicine visit.