Welcome to OrthoVirginia Telemedicine!

This info center includes all you need to know to prepare for a seamless video visit with your provider!

OrthoVirginia offers telemedicine. Visits most appropriate for a telemedicine visit could include post-operative follow-up visits, visits to review MRI and CT results, and visits to check progress or response to a treatment. Telemedicine involves the use of electronic communications such as a computer or phone. If a telemedicine visit is appropriate, our staff is happy to help get you set-up for your telemedicine visit.

Please complete the set-up of your MyChart and Zoom apps and steps 1-6 the day before your scheduled appointment. Please complete steps 7-9 on the day of your appointment with plenty of time before to your scheduled appointment. Following these steps will ensure you are able to start your scheduled appointment on time.

You may connect up to 20 minutes prior to your appointment time. You will be unable to connect 20 minutes after your scheduled time and your appointment will be canceled.

Please note that you must download the MyChart Mobile app. A telemedicine visit cannot be done by logging into MyChart with the web browser on your phone


On the Day BEFORE Your Video Visit

Have your insurance information ready and a credit card ready if you have a co-pay.



Download the Zoom app on your smartphone or tablet. Go to the app store on your tablet or mobile device and search for Zoom. You do not need to set up a Zoom account.


On the home screen of your smart phone go to Settings. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list to find Zoom. Select Zoom and be sure the microphone and camera are turned on.Return to your home screen.


Download the MyChart app on your smartphone or tablet. Go to the app store on your tablet or mobile device and search for MyChart.


Open the MyChart mobile app on your device and log into your OrthoVirginia MyChart account. Select Appointments from the icon menu.


Once you are logged in, select “appointments” from the icon menu and you will see this screen. Click eCheck-In to begin the process.


You MUST thoroughly complete eCheck-in prior to connecting to your telemedicine video visit.Please note bypassing the copay will complicate the visit.After you complete eCheck-In you can exit and return the day of your appointment.

On the Day OF Your Video Visit

You may connect up to 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Connecting more than 20 minutes past the scheduled time will result in a canceled appointment that you will need to reschedule.

Before joining the call, remove dressings and bandages, sit in a well-lit area, and make sure you have a strong WiFi or cellular data signal.



Upon returning, you will now have the option to “Start Visit”. Select “Start Visit” and you will again, be redirected to the Zoom app.


You will know you have connected to your appointment when you see this screen, and/or a black screen which means the provider is actively connecting to your appointment.


When you see this pop up, select “Call using internet audio” – this will keep you connected in the Zoom app. Otherwise, selecting dial in will cause you to leave the Zoom app and the provider will not be able to see the video. You will also select “Join with Video” to enable the camera and a video visit.


Q. What if I am having trouble creating a new account in MyChart?

A. Please call MyChart Support at 877-701-6088

Q. What is Telemedicine?

A. Telemedicine is the practice of using video conference and telecommunications technology such as your smartphone or tablet for a follow up visit with your doctor.

Q. How does it work?

A. Your Telemedicine follow up appointment is scheduled through your MyChart account. See above for a complete list of what you will need, prior to the date and time of your appointment.

Q. What will I need for this visit?

A. To ensure that you connect with your provider you will need the following:

  • Smartphone, tablet or a desktop that is used for teleconferencing.
  • Active MyChart account.
  • MyChart, MyChart Mobile & Zoom applications.
  • eCheck-In: have insurance information ready.
  • On day of appointment, make sure your device is fully charged; you can login to your visit up to 10 minutes prior to start time.

Q. What is the cost of a telemedicine appointment?

A. Telemedicine visits cost the same as office visits and are a convenient alternative for some patients. Co-pays specific to your plan are accepted during the eCheck-In process.

Q. What if I am late to the appointment?

A. If patients connect more than 10 minutes late to their Telemedicine visit, their appointment is cancelled.

Q. Can my teenager have a video visit?

A. Patients under the age of 18 must have an adult present during their Telemedicine visit.

Lynchburg Providers

John W. Barnard, Jr., MD
Brandon Bucker, MD
Karen Burnham, MD
Peter A. Caprise, Jr., MD
Kristopher D. Collins, MD
David G. Cox, DPM
Michael J. Diminick, MD
Omar Elkhamra, MD
H.C. Eschenroeder, Jr., MD
Gautham Gondi, MD
Joyce L. Huerta, MD
Eric R. Kenny, MD
Drew E. Kiernan, MD
Pramote Malasitt, MD
Joseph Orchowski, MD
John R. Prahinski, MD
Victor Ratajczak, MD
Islam Saleh, MD
Ian Smithson, MD
Daniel J. Acevedo, PA-C
Gene Amstutz, NP
Reba Canada, FNP-C
Matt Muri, PA-C
Aaron Smith, PA-C
Matt Wallman, PA-C
Andrea Yesalis, NP
Katie Young, PA-C

Northern Virginia Providers

George Aguiar, MD
Christopher C. Annunziata, MD
Michael S. Antonis, DO
Anthony L. Avery, MD
Gordon L. Avery, MD
Johnathan Bernard, MD
Ronald C. Childs, MD
Nathan Coleman, MD
Alexander S. Croog, MD
Steven S. Hughes, MD
Elliott J. Kim, MD
Thomas J. Klein, MD
Daniel K. Laino, MD
H. Edward Lane, III, MD
Keith W. Lawhorn, MD
Kevin C. Lutta, MD
B. Thomas Mazahery, MD
John P. McConnell, MD
William R. Mook, MD
David J. Novak, MD
D. Andrew Parker, MD
Wiliam P. Petersen, MD
David W. Romness, MD
Frederick D. Scott, Jr., MD
Kevin D. Sumida, MD
Paul J. Switaj, MD
Cole Taylor, MD
Peter  R. Thomas, MD
Amanda B. Trucksess, MD
Brantley P. Vitek, Jr., MD
Daniel E. Weingold, MD
Jennifer Leeman, PA-C
Laura Ricard, PA-C

Richmond Providers

Andrew M.I. Bogle, MD
Adam C. Crowl, MD
G. Vincent Dalton, MD
Thorp J. Davis, MD
Sanjay S. Desai, MD
Lockett W. Garnett, MD
C. Matthew Gibellato, MD
Keith A. Glowacki, MD
Ryan Gocke, MD
Mark H. Hadfield, MD
Barton Harris, MD
C. Tate Hepper, MD
Marion M. Herring, MD
Joshua P. Herzog, MD
Mark M. Jones, MD
Glenn J. Kerr, MD
Christopher K. Kim, MD
Joseph S. Kim, MD
Warren B. Kirby, MD
Paul G. Kiritsis, MD
Cyrus S. Kump, III, MD
Christopher P. Lake, MD
Michael W. Mariscalco, MD
Daniel C. Martin, MD
T. Paul McDermott, Jr., MD
David W. Miller, Sr., MD
Edward Allen Neilsen, MD
R. Boyd Rawles, MD
Steven G. Reece, MD
Abilio A. Reis, MD
Jose S. Reyes, MD
Ryan N. Robertson, MD
Thomas N. Scioscia, MD
Harry J. Shaia, MD
Joy V. Sharma, MD
Julious (Jody) P. Smith, III, MD
J.E.B. Stuart, V, MD
Morgan M. Swanstrom, MD
R. Douglas Wills, MD
Michael A. Wind, Jr., MD
D. Christopher Young, MD
Kenneth R. Zaslav, MD
Kacie Alexander, PA-C
William M. Bader, PA-C
Ronald Bradley, PA-C
Matthew Carleton, PA-C
Adam Cristman, PA-C
Rebecca Ellen, PA-C
Jino Felix, NP
Amanda Graupman, PA-C
Blakely Hunnings, PA-C
W. Shea Kernodle, PA-C
Susan D. Kewer, PA-C
David Krajewski, PA-C
Andrea Kysor, NP-C
Christopher Newlin, PA-C
Emily Nilson, PA-C
Berkley Perkins, NP
Jacob Puglisi, PA-C
Kimberly Rees, PA-C
Julia Saddington, PA-C
Rachel E.J. Shield, PA-C
Jessica D. Womack, PA-C

Virginia Beach Providers

R. Brick Campbell, MD
Wayne Chen, MD
Peter Jacobson, MD
Edward (Ted) Lambert, DO
Patrick W. O'Connell, MD
Charles Bradshaw, PA-C
Phil Davis, PA-C

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is the remote delivery of healthcare services using live video visits. It allows healthcare providers an additional way to evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans with patients using technology, such as video conferencing and smartphones, without the need for an in-person visit. Telemedicine visits allow the medical provider to interview and complete a limited exam to increase accessible care options for patients and to provide an innovative and convenient way for patients to interact with a physician.

Our goal is to value a patients’ time, increase their accessibility, and create a better continuity of care.