Patient Info

Dr. Walker is kind, efficient doctor. He is on time and explains things well. Answering all our question. His staff is equally kind.

Dr. Walker was able to return my use to 100%. PT told me to expect only 80% because of my age. Thank you to all in the office for being kind and on time.

My pre and post surgical care was excellent. Dr. Walker and his support team have been amazing to work with and have taken great care of me with a multiple tear rotator cuff surgery.

Dr. Walker is a gifted surgeon and has a very pleasant manner and personality. My reverse shoulder replacement surgery was performed extremely well and the Parham Doctors Hospital and nursing staff were amazing. I must also add Dr. Walker’s nurse is friendly and professional. I may need to have my other shoulder replaced and I would not hesitate returning to Dr. Walker at OrthoVirginia.

Quick, efficient, friendly. Makes himself available for his patients, even on the weekend, for questions/concerns/etc. Really nice guy who makes you feel comfortable and who understands that every patient is different. He did a great job with my broken clavicle that needed plates and screws. I highly recommend Dr. Walker.

Awesome, patient, and explained all about my options.

Dr. Matt Walker is the BEST orthopedic surgery I have visited since Dr. Donald Davidson. Dr. Walker has the best humor and bedside manner.

If the repair is to fix you is surgery, then he will not beat around the bush like many other doctors that are scared of insurance companies.

A funny side note but this goes a long way to his character. I am no fan of anesthesia. When possible I always remain awake in surgery. This usually will piss off many doctors. (I’ve had a few too many surgeries from motorcycle accidents, imagine that!) But Dr. Walker had no problem with me staying awake. We had the best time during the surgery as all the nurses were laughing and they even played hard rock and roll. What a blast.

You might be curious as to the outcome of the surgery for ulnar nerve entrapment and carpal tunnel. Excellent recovery and back to bodybuilding in less than a month.

I have now sent three colleagues/friends to see Dr. Walker and they all have been very impressed.

If you have a shoulder or arm issue, do yourself a favor schedule with Dr. Walker!

As a patient you have the right to feel completely comfortable and confident in the recommendations you receive regarding the treatment of your shoulder condition. If you have seen an orthopedic specialist who recommends surgery for your shoulder condition, you also have the right to seek a second opinion. Dr. Walker is happy to provide this for you. Dr. Walker is one of the leading shoulder specialists in the Mid-Atlantic region and one of the few fellowship trained shoulder and elbow surgeons in Richmond. He is also one of a handful of Virginia orthopedic surgeons with membership in the prestigious American Shoulder and Elbow Society. Membership in ASES, which has only 423 members worldwide, is by invitation only and based on strict academic and clinical requirements. Dr. Walker welcomes the opportunity to review your imaging results and/or medical records and provide you with his expert opinion on the best solution for your shoulder problem.

If you are travelling from out-of-town, either continental or international, Dr. Walker’s friendly staff can assist you in your travel needs with regards to local transportation and hotel accommodations. They will also coordinate your office visit with Dr. Walker and any additional studies that may be needed.

Prior to your visit please obtain and/or mail for review copies of any previous imaging (x-rays, CT scans or MRI) of your shoulder. Please also bring copies of previous medical records, specifically operative notes and a list of all current medications and pertinent medical historical information.

Appointments can often be made within the same week of your request. You may contact (804) 288-3136 to schedule your second opinion today.

To find out more information or if you would like to download or print a copy, please click one of the links below.