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Good for Another 60,000 miles

More than 40 years in the construction business had taken its toll on Ralph. Painful osteoarthritis in his hips made it increasingly difficult for the 65-year-old from Springfield to perform everyday activities. Although he knew he’d eventually need hip replacement, he wanted to wait until after he retired. To buy some time, OrthoVirginia surgeon Daniel Thompson, MD, recommended that Ralph try non-operative options, including anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections. “Dr. Thompson was very understanding and never pushed me toward surgery,” Ralph says. “He told me, ‘when it hurts enough, you’ll do it.’”

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Protecting the Weakest Link

Adults and children share many of the same risks for bone fracture, but a child’s bones are also subject to a unique injury called a growth plate fracture.

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Sharp Eyes and Fast Action Save a Life

When Maureen began complaining of knee pain, her parents initially dismissed it as a sports injury. The McLean teenager is a passionate athlete who “played every sport under the sun” growing up, and was the only freshman to make it onto the Langley High School varsity volleyball team. Despite visits to the pediatrician and chiropractor, however, Maureen’s pain persisted.

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Future of Healthcare is Here

OrthoVirginia has gone from thousands of patient charts to just one: an electronic medical record (EMR). The practice went live with the paperless system back in June, gradually adding in its nine office locations and six physical therapy clinics. With the addition of the two outpatient surgery centers by year’s end, every OrthoVirginia location will be on board for a seamless patient care experience..

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Play it Safe to Prevent Running Injuries

Brian caught the running bug in high school and never looked back. Over the last 30 years, he’s completed more than 80 marathons, including Boston, Chicago and New York and more than 200 other races like 10Ks, triathlons, etc. He’s run the Marine Corps Marathon 19 times in row. When he’s not training for his next race, this 48-year-old Arlington father of three is a distinguished dentist with a thriving practice in Washington, DC.

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