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Driving Better Joint Replacements – June 30, 2016

With hip and knee replacements on the rise—over seven million Americans have undergone these procedures—and a growing emphasis on data to measure cost and quality, and ultimately reimbursement, it is becoming imperative for orthopedists to benchmark their outcomes.

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I Love My New Joints!

Biking, hiking, skiing, softball—you name it, Stephanie does it. And with gusto. The 55-year-old mother of two from Vienna is a devoted cyclist, skier, passionate hiker, and softball enthusiast. Schedule permitting, she also squeezes in the odd game of tennis.

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Advances in Knee Replacement

THE ARLINGTON NATIVE made history at the games by winning a bronze medal. One year later, Bregman “destroyed” his right knee training for the world championships and, despite surgery, the joint never functioned properly again. Although he continued to be deeply involved in judo—conducting seminars around the country, coaching children and adults, taking teams to international competitions, and serving as president of the U.S. Judo Association Board of Directors—he was unable to return to the mat.

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Let’s Get Physical

When you’re tired, achy, and your arthritis is acting up, going for a bike ride or walking on the treadmill is often the last thing you want to do. But exercise is often the best thing you can do to make those aches and pains subside.

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The Six Million Dollar Man

Thanks to OrthoVirginia, Leroy is a new man. Literally. The 57-year-old retired elevator mechanic from Falls Church has two new shoulders, two new hips, two new knees and a cleaned-up spine.

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Get Up & Go!

For more than five years, Jerri ignored the increasing pain in her left knee. The 64-year-old Alexandria psychotherapist knew she’d ultimately need a knee replacement, but she wasn’t ready to give up her active, athletic lifestyle. She spent busy days seeing patients, performing community work with the homeless, and keeping up with her six grandchildren. Running, swimming, biking, and boating were often on her schedule.

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Athlete Regains His Edge

“I thought I could work through it,” says the 49-year-old Reston resident and home building company executive who has spent his life training for, and competing in, athletic events. “I never even considered that arthritis could be the cause. I was only in my early 40s—definitely too young for a hip replacement.”

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Playing it Safe

In the mid-1970s, a popular TV series chronicled the adventures of “the bionic man,” whose mechanical body parts rendered him “better, stronger, faster.” As we fast forward to 2006 and channel our attention to medical options for improving our physical health, we find that modern joint replacements return people to action with more realistic expectations.

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