Runner’s Knee

April 2, 2017

Runner’s Knee Presents as Pain Located Around the Knee Cap

Runner’s knee, or sometimes called jumper’s knee, is a catch-all phrase that describes pain located around the knee cap. People who participate in activities that place a high demand on the front of the knee are prone to this sort of pain. Some of these activities might include running, basketball and volleyball. These activities include bending the knee deeply, or generating high amounts of force with jumping activities. Folks who increase their activity level or running distance too quickly are also susceptible. When people present to the office, they often say their pain is on the front of the knee. They might even place their hand right on top of the knee cap or point to a spot along the patella tendon that is quite tender to the touch.

Treatment Plan

If you find yourself with what seems like runner’s knee, then these are some things you can try on your own. First, rest from the activity that is causing the pain is critical. The duration of rest varies, but start with a week avoiding the activities that caused your pain. Secondly, over the counter anti-inflammatories like Aleve or Advil can be effective to control the inflammation that causes the pain. After a week or rest, pain free stretching and quadriceps strengthening will help to prevent a recurrence of the pain. When it is time to return to activity, increase intensity and duration very slowly.

Good luck!  And, if along the way you find yourself struggling, we would be happy to see you in the office for further evaluation.

To learn more about knee conditioning exercises, please visit: Knee Rehabilitation Exercises from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

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