Knee Procedures

Orthopedic surgery and knee procedures is a continuously evolving specialty where technology is changing our approaches and outcomes at a rapid pace. Dr. Nordt is among the leading innovators focusing on orthopedic knee procedures, and he has committed himself to staying on the cutting edge of this orthopedic specialization.

As one of Richmond’s prominent knee specialists, Dr. Nordt has a true passion for the innovation in knee surgery. He abides by the principle of small incisions and minimal tissue disruption as a means to quicker recovery.

While knee injuries can be debilitating for many people, they certainly don’t have to be. Dr. Nordt has helped many athletes and non-athletes recover from knee injuries through surgical and non-surgical treatments and knee procedures.

Below you will find a list of the current knee procedures that we offer:

So if you’re suffering from a debilitating knee injury, contact Dr. Nordt today and we’ll have you on the path to recovery in no time.