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How to Tell the Difference Between Hip and Low Back Pain

Orthopedic treatment of hip and lower back pain is not black and white. As a practicing spine surgeon for the last fifteen years, I’ve found that determining the root issue of someone’s pain in these areas is often grey and filled with ambiguities. The anatomy of the hip and back is comprised of numerous parts that can be injured or wear out, and many problems that occur in this area can display the exact same symptoms or pathology.

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Next Generation Robotic Spine Surgery

When he felt pain in his lower back, Tom did what many people do, he ignored it. But as the pain intensified, the 62-year old former Marine from Sterling sought a familiar face: Thomas Mazahery, MD, at Commonwealth Orthopaedics.

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Treating a Pain in the Neck

When Hayley’s right arm began to hurt several years ago, she wasn’t sure what was wrong. The 48-year old Springfield mother stopped playing tennis and wore a wrist brace, but the pain only intensified. Eventually, she came to Commonwealth Orthopaedics for steroid injections and physical therapy.

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A Victory Lap Around the Fast Track

After successful surgery for repairing a herniated disc that almost paralyzed him, Patson, is living his dream of becoming a NASCAR mechanic.

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Teen Athletes at Risk for Spine Fractures

As a competitive volleyball player, Kelsey is used to playing through pain. So when she felt some twinges in her back during a tournament with her Virginia Elite Volleyball Club last year, she ignored them. “I thought my muscles were sore after sitting out the previous year with Lyme disease,” says Kelsey, who was a senior at Westfield High School at the time. “But as the game progressed, the pain got worse and worse.”

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