MAKO Robot up and going for joint replacement in Richmond VA

The MAKO robot is up and going at Chippenham Medical Center. I have already performed multiple total hip and partial knee replacements with the assistance of the MAKO robot. The results have been outstanding.

The use of the robot is adding a completely new dimension to joint replacement surgery. I will be giving a presentation on the MAKO robot and its uses in joint replacement surgery on June 19 at Chippenham Medical Center (Krauss Auditorium). Please contact CJW Medical Center or my office (379-8088) for more information.

I will be giving several other talks in the Central Virginia area over the summer and autumn. Look for televisions interviews that I have recently done regarding this new technology as well. Finally, I plan to have a new section of the website for the MAKO robot up and running within the next week!

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