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Prevent Ankle Instability with Prompt Treatment

An estimated 28,000 ankle injuries occur daily in the United States, and ankle sprains are the most common injury in sports. But beware the notion that a “simple sprain” does not require medical treatment. Failure to treat acute ankle injuries promptly and properly can result in weakened ligament support, making patients vulnerable to chronic ankle instability and pain.

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Walk Without Pain

More than 750,000 hip and knee replacements are performed every year in the United States, but now another joint is quickly becoming a candidate for replacement: the ankle. The number of total ankle replacements has more than doubled over the last few years thanks to technological advances in ankle implants as well as growing demand from aging baby boomers.

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Living to Run Another Day

Ever since his glory days as a high school and college athlete, Wenners has dreamed of reliving those moments of triumph. The 56-year-old father of three from Manassas has always been active — jogging, swimming, cycling, and taking long walks with the dog. Last year, he decided the time was right to compete again and entered an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) track meet in the over-50 age group. “I thought, ‘I can do this. I can run this race one more time,'” he says.

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Best Foot Forward

Enjoying a glass of iced tea in his kitchen, Kevin misjudged the counter height and broke the glass, sending a razor-sharp shard into his left foot. The jagged glass lacerated a tendon, covering the floor of his Alexandria home with blood. When emergency room doctors discovered Kevin couldn’t move one of his toes, the diagnosis was clear: he had severed his extensor tendon and would need surgery to repair it immediately.

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