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Cervical Discectomy

David plays center field for an active men’s softball league in Southern Maryland. In addition to the typical post-game aches and pains, the 34-year-old child support probation officer from California, Maryland had a history of ongoing arm and neck pain with extensive conservative care. When, once again, he woke up with significant weakness in his arm, and couldn’t move his neck to the left, he set out to seek medical care. Friends referred him to spine specialist Steven Hughes, MD, at OrthoVirginia.

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Back in the Swing

As a physical therapist who helps patients recover from injury, Jeanette recognized that something was very wrong after she hurt her back on the job. Constant pain in her lower back and hip impacted her daily life. She couldn’t exercise, she couldn’t lift patients at work and, worst of all, she couldn’t keep up with her three young, energetic children.

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Digital Radiology

Digital radiography is the use of digital formatted images (as opposed to analog hard films) for radiography (x-ray studies). The images are viewable on any digital player, such as a home computer or DVD player. Images also are manipulable (lighter, darker, zoomed, and rescaled) with easy-to-use home software programs.

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Nothing to Fear

Faced with the prospect of spine surgery, Sandra admits she was scared. The 54-year-old Annandale homemaker had been experiencing increasingly severe back pain for several years. When an MRI revealed she had two bulging discs in her lower back, she knew she had to take action. Sandra was already a OrthoVirginia patient for her knees, so she looked at a list of physicians on the Web site and selected spine specialist Steven Hughes, MD to treat her back pain.

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