“Dr. Sanjay Desai and Molly Cheng, FNP, DNP need to be cloned not only at OrthoVirginia but other doctor’s offices as well. I was suffering with carpal tunnel and Dr. Desai was very thorough in explaining why I was experiencing the pain and what steps need it to be done to rectify the situation. He has a great bedside manner and his staff is awesome!

I have several family members that use OrthoVirginia and also see Dr. Desai and Molly Cheng.  None of them have been disappointed and really sing their praises. They are very professional and hands-on with making certain you completely understand the procedures and what your options are.

My experience from the beginning to the end has been a positive one!  I have highly recommended them to friends and coworkers.” 

“I was impressed by Dr. Desai’s skills and how he treated me. My Dupuytren’s contracture had progressed. He saw me quickly, gave me several options and I chose needle aponeurotomy. About 45 minutes later I was on my way home with full range of motion in my hand. I would see him again.”

“I had lost the use of my thumb and could not write my name, get dressed, open things or do other tasks. After my surgery I had it all back, regaining full mobility of my thumb. I got excellent care. Dr. Desai and his staff are patient and considerate. He’s the best hand surgeon in this area.”

“Before seeing Dr. Desai, I had terrible arthritic pain in my thumbs. I’m a nurse and I couldn’t even write or administer IVs. Pain kept me awake at night. After my arthoplasty, my pain is gone and I have full use of my thumbs. Great results, and I’m absolutely happy.”

“Had basal bone arthroplasty, (trapezium removed). Recovery was exactly as predicted, almost full use of hand in less than 3 months. Dr. Desai answered my questions completely. He was very attentive to my concerns, fully explained options & what to expect.”

“My husband has had 2 carpal tunnel releases, and I recently had thumb arthroplasty and ligament reconstruction, all performed by Dr Desai. Dr. Desai is a brilliant hand surgeon whom we continue to sing praises about. Dr. Desai is direct and soft spoken. I will recommend him to anyone who needs a hand surgeon.”

“I’ve worked in the medical field for the last 16 years, and when it comes to doctors, I’ve see the good, the bad and the ugly. I have never done a review for a doctor until now.I recently had a 4.3 x 2.3 cm lipoma removed from my right hand by Dr. Desai. Not only was the surgery a breeze, but the recovery time was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I had virtually no pain after surgery. He did a great job suturing using a vessel loop technique that he learned from a plastic surgeon. Because of that, my incision is barely visible. On top of that, the staff and everyone involved were amazing! In my professional opinion, Dr. Desai is the best hand surgeon I know. He takes his job very seriously and yet maintains great bed-side manners that a lot of doctors lack. I would refer Dr. Desai to anyone I know. In fact, if anyone in my family needs to have hand surgery, they will be coming to VA to have it done. My family lives in MI and TN. I wouldn’t let them go to anyone else. Thank you, Dr. Desai! You’re the Best!”