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The Importance of Preseason Physicals

While most sports fans mark the beginning of a sports season with athletes returning to training camp or the first game, I mark the beginning of a new season with the preseason physical exam. I have been a team physician for local professional sports such as the Washington Commanders and D.C. United for over ten years. Currently, I serve as the Chief Medical Officer for D.C. United. 

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Solid as a Rock

In 13 months, Alex dislocated his shoulder 60 times. It would pop out while he was playing hockey, or sitting in a restaurant — even when he was sleeping. It happened so often, he became an expert at popping it back in. “I’d had arthroscopic surgery three years earlier and didn’t want to have more surgery right away, so I just lived with it,” he explains.

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An Alternative to Knee Replacement

Fairfax County sheriff ‘s deputy Buddy never wants to leave his fellow deputies unprotected. But many years of playing professional football, including two seasons with the Washington Redskins, had taken a toll on his joints. When debilitating knee pain slowed him down at work, he sought a solution that would get him back on his feet and back on the job as soon as possible..

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Surf’s Up!

Surfing fanatic Spiro was looking forward to a trip to the worldclass beaches of Nicaragua when disaster struck. Playing in a local football game, the 25-year-old architect took a hard hit and felt a familiar pop and snap in his right knee. Thinking he’d suffered a repeat of an old anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, he went home and put on a soft leg cast to immobilize his knee and keep it straight.

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Complex Knee Surgeries Restore High-Velocity Lifestyle

Hurtling down the most difficult double black diamond ski slopes doesn’t faze Mary, but when she faced a series of technically demanding knee surgeries, she was grateful to have one of the most experienced orthopedic surgeons to perform them.

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Getting Back in the Game

During the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, a running back planted his foot on the turf and then took a direct blow to the knee, resulting in a catastrophic injury. Even the untrained eye could see that his leg should not have bent the way it did.

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The Six Million Dollar Man

Thanks to OrthoVirginia, Leroy is a new man. Literally. The 57-year-old retired elevator mechanic from Falls Church has two new shoulders, two new hips, two new knees and a cleaned-up spine.

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