Post-Operative Instructions

Shoulder Manipulation

Move the affected shoulder as much as possible. Physical Therapy appointment today or as soon as possible.

You will be given 2 medications.

  • Motrin 800mg – 1 pill every 6 hours as needed for pain
  • Percocet - 1 – 2 pills every 4 hours as needed for pain, if the Motrin doesn’t cover all of your pain.

Pain Medication Tips:

  • Do not drive while taking pain medications.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking pain medications.
  • Pain medication should be taken with food as this will help prevent any stomach upset.
  • Often pain medications will cause constipation. Eat high fiber foods and increase your fluid intake if possible.
  • To alleviate constipation, purchase a stool softener at any pharmacy and follow the recommended directions on the bottle.

You can ice the shoulder for 30 minutes at a time, then nothing for 2 hours then ice again for 30 minutes at a time. Stay ahead of the pain. Once you feel pain, take the Motrin. If that doesn’t cover the pain, take the Percocet.

Return to the office to see Dr. Kittredge in 4 weeks.

Appointment scheduled: Date _________ Time _________ Location _______________________________________

If you need to verify or change your post-op appointment, please call 703-277-BONE (2663).

Any problems or questions, please call the office.

  • Alexandria office – 703-810-5209 Option 3
  • Springfield office – 703-810-5210 Option 3