Custom Knee Replacement

Coming Into the Future of Knee Replacement

As the technology of knee replacement continues to develop, customization of the procedure is the next great step needed in order to improve patient outcomes. In the last several years, several systems have evolved to help customize knee replacement more specifically to each patient.

Every patient’s anatomy is different, therefore it follows that each knee replacement procedure should matched to that specific patient. A few surgeons have moved forward to embrace this technology and attempt to improve patient outcomes through customizing each knee replacement to the individual patient.

Options for Custom Knee Replacement

Current options in custom knee replacement involve preoperative imaging studies (MRI or CT scan) to help define the precise anatomy of that patient. Based on this data, the surgeon can essentially “plan” the procedure preoperatively on a computer and have customized jigs made specifically for that patient. The alignment and fit of the jigs are all perfectly matched for exact anatomy of that patient. The possible advantages of this procedure is more anatomic and exact alignment of components, less invasive surgery, and quicker recovery.

Demonstration of preoperative computer planning for customized total knee replacement. Note that component size, position, and rotation can all be adjusted and selected during preoperative planning.

How Dr. Wind Provides Custom Knee Replacement

Dr Wind offers the Signature Knee System (Biomet) for patients who are candidates and interested in this option.  Please click on the below link for more information from Biomet regarding customization in knee replacement and the proposed advantages of this procedure.