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Custom orthotics provide the feet with relief and support in specific areas and for specific activities or problems, which can lead to improved overall health and comfort. With a doctor’s prescription, OrthoVirginia’s Board Certified Orthotist and orthotic fitters can create just the right orthotic with just the right fit for any situation:

  • Custom orthotics can be used in work boots, dress shoes and flats to provide extra padding for those who stand on their feet all day;
  • Custom orthotics can be used in tennis shoes, running shoes, golf shoes and cleats to enhance athletes’ performance and comfort;
  • Custom orthotics can be used to discreetly provide arch support in fashion and casual shoes of all sizes and widths, making everyday activities more pleasurable;
  • Custom orthotics, which are padded and flexible without being bulky, can be used to protect the most sensitive areas of the mature adult foot.

Custom Orthotics Locations

Administrative support for OrthoVirginia North’s custom orthotics services (scheduling, billing, etc.) is located at our Herndon office; however, our Board certified orthotist typically travels to the various OrthoVirginia North sites to accommodate our patients.

To schedule an appointment, please obtain a prescription from your OrthoVirginia doctor, Physician Assistant, or Physical Therapist, for the orthosis needed. Once the required prescription is obtained, an appointment for an evaluation can be scheduled by calling 703-810-5337.


Peter Schunk, C.O.

Pete is an American Board Certified Orthotist with 10+ years of Orthotic experience. He graduated from the Orthotics program at Century College with high distinction in 2004. He then completed his Orthotic residency at Fairview Hospital in St. Paul/Minneapolis Minnesota and has since designed and fit most types of braces from head to toe (excluding teeth). Pete's experience includes spinal and lower extremity bracing in clinics & hospital trauma units, pediatric, physical therapy, and other orthotic settings.

Prior to being an Orthotist, Pete graduated with a Bachelors degree in Human Resources Management from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. While pursuing a second Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis, Pete realized his interest in orthopedics. He decided to change direction by pursuing a specialized degree as an Orthotist from Century College in White Bear Lake in Minnesota, where he graduated with honors.

Pete's commitment to health and exercise is what led him to specialize in lower extremity. He believes many potential orthopaedic issues could be avoided with proper exercise and orthopedic alignment. He is dedicated to helping patients return to as active a lifestyle as possible. 

Pete enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful wife and children. 

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