Brad Bryan, MS, PT, CHT - Director of Hand Therapy

Professional Experience:

Brad Bryan is the manager of Hand Therapy Services for the OrthoVirginia Chippenham and Johnston-Willis locations. A licensed physical therapist, Brad has been a certified hand therapist since 1991. He obtained his physical therapy degree from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and gained his initial hand therapy experience working at the Raymond M. Curtis Hand Center in Baltimore. He received his advanced master’s degree in physical therapy with specialization in hand management at MCV-VCU in 1992. He was employed at the MCV/VCU Health System Hand Management Center while working on his degree and was the clinical director of that center at the time of his graduation. Having lived and worked in Richmond since 1985, Brad has had the opportunity to work with many of the hand surgeons in this area and is very pleased to be associated with the distinguished surgeons of OrthoVirginia.