Post Operative Instructions

Knee Arthroscopy/Meniscus Repair

  1. Use ice and generally remain at rest for the remainder of the day.

  2. Start knee range of motions exercises tomorrow. Use crutches for as long as you feel they are helpful, weight bearing as tolerated.

  3. May remove dressing and shower in 48 hours. Put bandaids over the incisions after showering. Do not soak in water until sutures are removed.

  4. Take pain medicine as needed, per the instructions on the bottle. Your knee will feel numb for a while today because it was injected with a local anesthetic to make you comfortable when you leave the surgical suite. A prescription for nausea is provided if needed.

  5. Start these simple exercises in the next day or two. Tighten your thigh muscle, trying to flatten your knee into the bed, and hold for a count of 20. Do 20 repetitions at least 3 times a day every day. When this becomes easy, start tightening your thigh muscle and then lift your leg off the bed, keeping your knee straight, about 1 foot in the air, and hold it for a count of 10. Lower it and relax, then repeat 20 times, 3 times a day. This is called a straight leg raise.

  6. Call the number on the back of the physical therapy prescription to arrange to start therapy in the next 3-5 days.

  7. Your post operative appointment is scheduled at the

    • Springfield Office on ______________________________________.
    • Burke Office on ___________________________________________.

    If you need to verify or change your post-op appointment, please call 703-277-BONE (2663).

  8. Please notify the Springfield or Burke office for problems.

  9. If you experience shortness of breath or chest pain, call 911.