Post Operative Instructions

Hip Arthroscopy

ACTIVITY: Foot flat (weight of leg) weightbearing for 3 weeks.Crutches will be needed for ambulation during the immediate post-operative period. Partial weightbearing with crutches will likely follow for the 4th week.

BRACE: If prescribed, the brace should be worn when out of bed for 3 weeks. This helps protect the tissues during their early healing.

DRESSING: You will have a large waterproof dressing covering your surgical sites when you are discharged. You may shower with this dressing in place. A small amount of bloody drainage on the dressing is not unusual. You may remove your dressing on the third day following your surgery. Once you have removed your dressing, you may cover your incisions with Band-Aids.

BATHING/SHOWERING: You may get your surgical incisions wet once your dressing has been removed on the third day following your surgery. You may shower and gently wash your incisions with soap and water; do not soak in a tub, hot tub, pool, lake or pond as this may increase your chance of post-operative infection.

COLD THERAPY UNIT/ICE: Ice should be applied to the outside of your dressing frequently during the first 48 hours after surgery, and during the first week following surgery. After the first week, you may consider ice after rehabilitation sessions or when swelling occurs. Do not apply ice directly to the skin.

EXERCISE: You may begin the following home exercises the day after surgery. These should be performed several times per day when you are not sleeping. Schedule Physical Therapy to start 5-7 days after surgery.

  1. Hamstring sets: push heel into bed for count of 10.
  2. Heel slides: sit on a firm surface with your leg straight in front of you. Slowly slide the heel of you operative leg toward your buttock by pulling your knee to your chest when you slide.
  3. Prone lying: lay on your stomach for a combined total of two hours per day, divided into multiple sessions. This will help stretch the front portion of your hip joint.

I recommend using a stationary bike with no resistance to encourage early motion in your hip joint. Start the day after surgery. Begin with small sessions of approximately 10 minutes at a time twice daily. Use your good leg to push the pedals, with the surgical leg not doing any work.

If a constant passive motion (CPM) device was recommended, please begin using it the morning following surgery. You should set the initial parameters for 0 – 40 degrees of motion. Then advance by 10 degrees per day until you have reached 0 – 90 degrees. DO NOT exceed 90 degrees. You may discontinue the CPM once you have started physical therapy.


  • Percocet or Norco 1-2 tabs every 4 hours as needed for pain
  • Diclofenac 100 mg 1 tablet daily for 6 weeks. (Anti-inflammatory and prevent excess bone formation)
  • Enteric-coated Aspirin 81 mg twice a day for 3 weeks (blood thinner)
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________

Pain Medication Tips:

  • Do not drive while taking pain medications.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages while taking pain medications.
  • Pain medication should be taken with food as this will help prevent any stomach upset.
  • Often pain medications will cause constipation. Eat high fiber foods and increase your fluid intake if possible. To alleviate constipation, purchase a stool softener at any pharmacy and follow the recommended directions on the bottle.

You should resume taking your normally prescribed medications unless otherwise directed.

SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Please contact my office for further instruction if you develop fevers greater than 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit, persistent drainage from your surgical incisions, intractable pain, or persistent numbness/tingling in your leg. Some genital numbness is common and may last for several weeks.

FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENT: Your follow-up appointment has been schedule on _____________________ at the _________________ Office.

If you need to verify or change your post-op appointment, please call 703-277-BONE (2663).

You should schedule physical therapy to begin approximately one week following your surgery.

*Please feel free to contact my office at anytime if you have any questions or concerns regarding your post-operative course.