Total Joint Surgery Helpful Hints

Reston Hospital Center

Date of surgery: _________________________
**note:  your time of surgery is subject to change

  • Arrive  2 hours prior to your surgery time to

Reston hospital center registration desk
**Access hospital through ‘main entrance’ at front of hospital (by american flag pole & cafeteria) & use free valet parking service

  • Bring exercise type clothes with you to the hospital
    • Like gym shorts, sweat pants, loose tops, yoga apparel, good walking shoes
  • Hospital rooms are all private, with flat screen tv’s & music therapy, free wifi internet services.
  • Bring books, electronics, knitting, music, etc to pass the time. 
  • There are no time restrictions on visiting hours on the total joint 4th floor.  A support person (>18 yrs) can spend the night in the hospital room with you if you want (not necessary).
  • Therapy staff will work with you personally, and there will be group exercise classes while you are in the hospital.
  • Walking is great exercise, get up and move around about every hour (except during sleep hours), & continue leg-raise exercises.
  • Elevate your feet higher than your hips  so they don’t swell at rest; *apply ice to operative area (not on bare skin!).
  • You can shower as soon as you are discharged from hospital (no tub baths, swimming, or hot tubs initially).
  • Water-proof dressings stay on incision for a week, then use large band-aid type dressings or gauze supplied by hospital.  
  • Do not apply any medications to incision: no alcohol,
  • No peroxide, no ointments, no lotions, etc.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to flush your system and to avoid constipation; *take stool softener or laxative as needed
  • Follow up with surgeon in his office 10-14 days after the surgery for staple removal and xrays.

**first postop appointment ______________________________