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Robotic Knee Surgery Returns Patients to an Active Lifestyle

Less Invasive, More Precise Procedure Speeds Recovery

Diane was tired of sitting on the sidelines. Years of knee issues had resulted in painful bone-on-bone arthritis and left her unable to participate in all the activities she loved – hiking with her family, keeping up with her twin daughters, playing with her many nieces and nephews.

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Reversing the Damage

Breakthrough in Shoulder Surgery Brings New Hope to Patients

All her life, Millie has been active– raising six children, bowling in a league, even skating in the roller derby 60 years ago. But when the 81-year-old from Chantilly began experiencing difficulty raising her arms to complete simple tasks such as brushing her hair or reaching up to a shelf, she knew something was wrong. Her limited range of motion also made it hard to do her office job at Louise Archer Elementary School in Vienna.

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The Comeback Kid

Rotator Cuff Repair Returns Fitness Instructor to Form

Initially, Vicki ignored the nagging pain in her left arm. After 30 years of teaching fitness classes, she was used to working through injury. But the pain worsened and soon every movement became agonizing. "I couldn't lift my arm. I couldn't do any activity. I couldn't sleep at night. I was miserable," she says. Her family doctor referred her to David Novak, MD, at Commonwealth Orthopaedics, where an MRI revealed an 80% tear in her left rotator cuff.

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"Ben Is the Man"

Shoulder Surgery Returns Local Lacrosse Player to Highest Level of Competition

As a star lacrosse player in high school, Sam dislocated his shoulder so many times he became an expert at popping it back in. Eventually, his concerned parents took him to see Ben Kittredge, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist at Commonwealth Orthopaedics. Dr. Kittredge had a simple message for the Edgewater, Maryland teenager: "If you want this to stop, you'll have to have surgery."

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Shoulder Injuries:From Cause to Cure

Years of intense weightlifting workouts and competition took a toll on Matthew's shoulder. He first noticed that something was wrong when his shoulder began feeling uncomfortable following his workouts. Soon, the pain was waking him at night. Eventually, he heard disturbing clicking and popping sounds when he moved or rotated his shoulder as the ball of his worn joint rubbed against his clavicle.

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Treating Rotator Cuff Tears

Arthroscopic Approach Offers Less Pain, Speeds Recovery

It's a common occurrence. An elderly patient complains of shoulder pain that keeps her awake at night. A tennis player can't move his arm without experiencing pain from the shoulder down the arm.

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