Triceps Tendon Tears

Similar to distal biceps tendon tears, triceps tendon tears happen in two groups of people; men age 40-60, and more active younger weight lifters.

Distal Tricep Tendon Tear on X-Ray

Distal Tricep Tendon Tear on X-Ray

Distal Tricep Tendon Tear on MRI

Most often these tears happen from either a fall on the outstretched arm (where the triceps muscle contracts to slow down the fall) or from extending the forearm against a heavy weight (as in triceps extension exercises). Recently several NFL athletes have suffered from triceps tendon tears, highlighting the younger and more active patients that can sustain this injury. Triceps tendon tears are also associated with anabolic steroid use, and in these patients, bilateral injuries (tears on both arms) are not uncommon. Surgical repair of the tendon is needed to allow healing. Early surgical repair can achieve strength comparable to the uninjured arm, while delaying surgery can decrease the results and may require more complex reconstructive operations. Dr. Walker will help you with the decision making process.

Triceps Tendon Tear Diagram