Patient Stories

Kevin C. Lutta, MD

Ever since his glory days as a high school and college athlete, Wenners has dreamed of reliving those moments of triumph. The 56-year-old father of three has always been active – jogging, swimming, cycling, and taking long walks with his dog. Last year, he decided the time was right to compete again and entered an Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) track meet in the over-50 age group. “I thought, ‘I can do this. I can run this race one more time,’” he says.

Wenners embarked on an ambitious training regimen. Even a pulled muscle in his left calf did not slow him down. But when the injury failed to improve after a few months, he suspected something else was wrong and consulted Kevin Lutta, MD, a foot and ankle specialist at Commonwealth Orthopaedics.

Dr. Lutta diagnosed a chronic Achilles tendon rupture, a flare-up of an old injury Wenners had suffered in college. Left untreated, the injury results in ankle weakness and gradual onset of progressive aching pain in the Achilles tendon that worsens over time.

Initially, Wenners was treated with immobilization in a boot. But he continued to have pain, so Dr. Lutta performed an Achilles tendon reconstruction. Following the procedure, Wenners wore a cast for six weeks and a walking boot for three months. He had several months of extensive physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion in his foot and leg.

One year later, he’s returned to an active lifestyle that includes daily walking, cycling, and jogging on a treadmill. The pain is gone and he’s more conscious of his activities, avoiding any pounding pressure and taking care to stretch properly before and after exercise.

Wenners has high praise for Dr. Lutta and the care he received at Commonwealth Orthopaedics. “He’s the most fabulous doctor I’ve ever had and went way beyond simply treating my injury,” he says. “His staff is so kind and personable. They did everything they could to ensure my comfort. It was just a great experience.”