Patient Stories

Brantley P. Vitek, Jr., MD

My Story:

About a year and half ago, I had decided that I was tired of carrying the weight that I had I was at 308 and I knew that I was going to be 50 years old in a year and I didn't want to be one of those "old" grandparents that couldn't have fun with my grand children. I was tired of saying "no I don't feel like going to the playground today, etc...". I have been an athlete since I was in Elementary School, playing soccer and softball and was even offered a 3 year scholarship to play softball for East Carolina University. I had continued to play softball for many years in recreation leagues even after school and then the past 6 years was not able to play for one reason or another, which unfortunately was my downfall to my health. I have been on a lot of medications for my health and wanted to be off of them. I started my weight loss journey by watching what I eat and also working out at the gym and after abou t 9 months I decided that one way to help boost my weight loss even more was to start playing softball again and also to keep me motivated. Well the first few weeks of softball went great and then boom, something happened and I am not quite sure how or when (I can't pinpoint it) but my knee was in a great deal of pain so I toughed it out a few more weeks, still played softball and worked out at the gym and then I just couldn't take the pain anymore and finally called OrthoVirginia and they set me up with Dr. Brantley Vitek. He is a very wonderful understanding doctor with a sweet smile that I feel he was hand-picked for me. I am a bit sarcastic and a little over the top sometimes, okay most of the time, and he didn't miss a beat with me. I had the MRI and he found the tear in my meniscus, we scheduled surgery in August 2015 and he was actually able to repair it, cleaned my knee up and two months later I was pretty much back to normal. Then, me being me, basically overdid it with my workouts and played in a softball tournament and was having a few issues with my knee again but he was more than willing to put up with me and let me know that I needed to slow down just a little bit and let it heal. I finally took his advice, since he know best and now I am almost 100 percent. Softball starts in May again and I am ready. I am down 75 pound since I started my journey and have about 70 more to go, but if it weren't for Dr. Vitek and OrthoVirginia I wouldn't have progressed as quickly as I have. I was very frustrated with being in pain and almost ready to just give up and say "you are too old for this so start acting your age" but I didn't because he encouraged me not to give up and just give it time to heal, for that I am forever grateful and I recommend him to anyone that needs an AMAZING "knee guy". Thank you!

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can... enjoy my life again!