Patient Stories

Alexander S. Croog, MD

Thanks to my son's care at OrthoVirginia, he will be able to return to full activity in a short time.

My son, a service academy cadet, had injured his wrist while at school. While home on Christmas leave, the injury became significantly aggravated only a few days before he was due to return to school. We were able to schedule an appointment within several days, which wound up being the day after New Year's Day.

Our appointment started on time. Dr. Croog did an quick evaluation and ordered an x-ray. Dr. Croog reviewed the x-ray and did a more detailed evaluation of my son's wrist. We were concerned that the injury could be significant and Dr. Croog gave us his candid and informative thoughts and then ordered an MRI. This is where Dr. Croog really impressed me. My son had to return to school before the radiologist report came back for the MRI. After Dr. Croog received the report, he tried to personally contact my son directly by phone and wound up speaking with my wife. He explained in detail to my wife what the MRI found (soft tissue damage) and the treatment plan my son should follow (basically, rest). Dr. Croog told my wife that all this information was available on the patient portal. We told my son about the call, and he contacted the medical office by phone. Dr. Croog's physician's assistant called my son back and explained to him all of the above. This level of follow-up and responsiveness was exceptional and something I have rarely encountered in dealing with medical doctors.