Patient Stories

Steven S. Hughes, MD

I decided to go to OrthoVirgina, because I had literally reached the end of road because of the constant pain I suffered from spinal stenosis for at least 12 years.

But when the injections did nothing for me in past 2 years, I HAD to do something. All of my physicians are at GW. But at a suggestion from my brother-in-law, I called OrthoVirginia and made an appointment with Dr. Steven Hughes. When I saw my initial X-Rays during my consultation, I was doubtful anything would help. I had no discs between my L4 & L5, and everything was compressing my nerve. But Dr. Hughes reassured me that he had done many of these procedures and I was a good candidate.

Well, I must tell you, that I am so glad I went with OrthoVirgina as my second opinion. Dr. Hughes and his staff were phenomenal. And I am also including in my praise the staff and nurses at INOVA Fairfax. Jennifer Leeman, Dr. Hughes’ PA, is amazing and was very reassuring, every time I emailed her during my convalesce. She had the patience of a saint in answering my queries on what was going on with my body, and noting that what was going on was normal.

I had very little pain during my weeks at home. I was back at work in five weeks.

I currently have a few minor aches, but nothing of note. I've gone from a daily pain level of 6-8 to 0-2.

From my experience, I would highly recommend Dr Hughes and the staff at INOVA Fairfax. It's a blessing not to be fixated on back and leg pain every day, and I feel I have my life back.