Patient Stories

William R. Mook, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can...look forward to reclaiming most of my right arm's range of motion and much of its strength.

Dr. William Mook is the latest fortunate addition to my list of good experiences with orthopedic surgery performed by OrthoVirginia (formerly Commonwealth Orthopedics). His excellent predecessor Dr. Mark Madden operated on my left knee in 2003, right shoulder in 2004, and did a total hip replacement in 2016. All very successful. In January 2017, I suffered a fall that completely severed the supraspinatus in my right shoulder rotator cuff that rendered my dominant arm completely useless. I consulted with Dr. Madden, who has now retired, and he recommended his colleague, William Mook. Dr. Mook performed a total reverse shoulder reconstruction on my right arm on July 26, 2017. From the very first pre-op consultation with him he impressed me with his tactful, reassuring, and informative manner. I felt well-informed and confident about what to expect. The surgery went without a hitch, and I am well on my way to recovering full use of my right arm.
Even though I retired in 2004 and moved to the Shenandoah Valley, I have been and will continue to be a devoted client of OrthoVirginia and would be completely confident in recommending them to any of my friends for their orthopedic needs. My recent highly positive experience with Dr. Mook has reinforced my devotion to this team of experts, who have been instrumental in my maintaining my active lifestyle and enhancing my quality of life as a happy septuagenarian.