Patient Stories

B. Thomas Mazahery, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can enjoy life without back pain I have had all my adult life.

The pain originally came from a very slightly curved spine, and probably from sitting at my computer most the day. I had seen numerous doctors over years, giving me various exercises to do, but nothing worked. The pain became so severe that I couldn't tolerate walking half a block without having to sitting down. One of the previous doctors told me I needed back surgery, but never explained what was going to be done and it scared me death. It was Dr. Thomas Mazahery that finally could tell me what needed to be done and why. It's the why that is necessary. He showed me what was going on by pointing everything out on my x-rays and MRIs. No other doctor had done that before. So I went ahead with the surgery. Once he got to my back, he found severe arthritis, which was making the pain worse, and that had to be cleaned out. Separators were put in to keep the vertebrae apart and rods put in to align my back, and he even got rid of that slightly curved spine. With a few months of physical therapy my back feels great and doesn't hurt at all. I don't even think about that surgery and all that equipment I have in me. 

Dr. Mazahery has told me the only thing I can't do is play football. Oh well, I'll watch it on tv.