Patient Stories

Daniel E. Weingold, MD

My Story:

Throughout his childhood, Sean was plagued by a mysterious pain in his left knee. "It would flare up after a long day of physical activity," recalls his mother, Annmarie. "He complained repeatedly, but we were told it was 'growing pains' and to give him Motrin."

A string of events finally solved the mystery. During football practice at West Springfield High School, Sean was tackled and heard a loud pop in his knee. The team trainer thought it was a contusion that would heal with time. But the pain and weakness intensified until it was so bad the 16-year-old could barely put weight on his leg. His pediatrician referred him to Daniel Weingold, MD, an OrthoVirginia surgeon whose areas of specialization include the knee.

Dr. Weingold took one look at the X-ray and immediately made a diagnosis: Sean had an osteochondroma, an abnormal growth on the surface of bone near a growth plate. The condition develops during childhood and can occur in any area of the body, but is most common around the knee. While 99% of osteochondromas are benign, it's always a good idea to have it checked out.

In Sean's case, the force of the football injury had caused most of the bony growth to break off, which intensified the pain and swelling in his knee. Dr. Weingold removed the piece of floating bone and smoothed down the jagged edges that were poking through the muscle. The outpatient procedure was performed in the hospital and Sean went home the same afternoon.

His recovery was so fast and easy, he did not require physical therapy. His pain is gone and his leg feels stronger than ever. He's returned to all his sports and activities, training with the football team in the off season and preparing for track and field in the spring.

His parents are grateful to Dr. Weingold and everyone at OrthoVirginia for the wonderful care their son received. "It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and courteous and made the entire thing as effortless as possible," Annmarie says.