Patient Stories

Christopher C. Annunziata, MD

My Story:

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can...begin to use my right shoulder again. In January of 2015 I began to feel some pain and noticed that some movement in my right shoulder was difficult. I was in yoga teacher training and with each class I felt it more and more. I visited OrthoVa and saw Dr .Annunziata to make sure it was ok. He gave me an injection hoping that would help and told me to come back if there was more pain. Well, like any good yogi I did not go back until I completed my training. Of course he ordered an MRI and then personally called me on a Friday evening to tell me the findings. I'm not sure when the last time a physician has called me. We scheduled surgery and that's when I began this long journey. Again, Dr. Annunziata gave me his cell phone number to call him in case of any problem before my next visit. Since the surgery in September I have had terrible inflammation in my bicep. Dr. A has been ther e for the whole journey, returning text messages, being in touch with my therapist on how my care should proceed and listening to me when I am in for visits. While I did not expect this complication I know that Dr. A is going to make sure I get full use of my shoulder and will be there to listen. Fifteen years ago he repaired my husbands incredibly injured shoulder and he saw my husband through so I know Dr. A has a huge level of care. I recommend OrthoVa to anyone with orthopaedic problems because I have seen first hand how much patient care means to this team.