Patient Stories

Joy V. Sharma, MD

My ex-wife fell and broke her wrist. I took her to St. Mary's ER where her wrist was set and a splint was placed on her forearm. A call was made the next day to set up an appointment and surgery.

That evening, she was in terrible pain. I called an orthopedic friend who came over and then contacted Dr. Sharma. Dr. Sharma was not on duty but told us to go to Parham Doctor's Hospital and he would meet us there.

She was diagnosed with Acute Compartment Syndrome, which required emergency surgery. The surgery was successful and her arm was saved. Over the next eight days, Dr. Sharma performed three more surgeries to close up the wounds and to reset her wrist.

Throughout her time in the hospital, Dr. Sharma was very caring and attentive to her needs. His bedside manner was very reassuring and we never felt that she wasn't getting the best care available.

My ex has a long road ahead of her, but due to Dr. Sharma's care, along with the initial diagnosis by Dr. Vince Dalton, she will have an arm.