Patient Stories

Steven S. Hughes, MD

Thanks to my care at OrthoVirginia, I can now walk comfortably without painful sciatica or numbness/tingling in my legs. I can sleep throughout the night again without pain and can finally see myself returning to a regular exercise routine.

I have had two microdiscectomy surgeries with Dr. Hughes for both my L5S1 and L4L5. These procedures took place only a year and a half apart after I first herniated the L5S1, and then later, the L4L5. Both times, the herniation was enough they caused muscle weakness in my left leg, persistent sciatica, numbness and tingling in my calf, and numbness in my foot and toes. I was miserable both times but Dr. Hughes helped me feel confident in what my treatment options were, including surgery. I had tried rounds of physical therapy and a spinal injection as alternative methods as I wanted to avoid surgery, but both proved unsuccessful. For me, surgery was the best option in both cases in order to restore me back to normal mobility and avoid further nerve damage. I had great success through both procedures and am so thankful to Dr. Hughes, his PA Jennifer Leeman, and his surgical team for helping to alleviate my fears and concerns, as surgery can always be something to be anxious about. In my case, it provided instantaneous relief as well as a very quick recovery period. After my first surgery in March 2017, I was hiking a mountain 2 weeks later. After my second surgery for the other disc, I noticed immediate relief in my legs and feet right away, and within just a few short days of recovering, I was back to feeling totally normal and pain free. Now I look forward to becoming my active self again! I hope this story helps others to know that you deserve to understand ALL your options and choose what will be best for your case. If it includes surgery, know that you are in great hands and it could offer you the relief you have been waiting for.